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The Rafaga and members of the Hagedoorn family

The Rafaga and members of the Hagedoorn family

Just a year ago Peter Rooijakker and Angela Hagedoorn bought a 24-feet sailing boat for their two sons Marc Anthony & Maurice.

It was in a much deteriorated condition so together with their uncle Captain Anthony Hagedoorn they started to fix it up.

They organized two fund raising BBQ events this year to help them buy the necessary equipment and after working very hard to recondition the sailing vessel, they put the boat in the water, just this week.

A big thank you goes Caribbean Overseas and Tec Inc for BBQ supplies. And Varadero Carib and Albo Aruba for usage of the boatyard and for transport of the boat.

The families would also like to thank East Wind Marine Services for getting all the necessary hardware for the boat, and for the hours spend with Captain Sander Vellinga brainstorming the outfitting the boat’s sail-handling systems.

A representative of Letz Aruba Consultancy and Services was given the honor to christen the boat called Rafaga, meaning “gusts” as in wind gusts!

Little sister Sophy helped shower Rafaga with Champagne.

Angela & Peter placed a tree branch with leaves on the boat symbolizing the wish for Rafaga to sail the high seas, and always return safely to her home port.

After feasting on champagne & seafood chowder Rafaga sailed away into the sunset to her temporarily berth at Spanish Lagoon. Here she will be fitted with all of her deck hardware, mast and riggings.

Sea trials are set for September 6th with an Around Aruba Race. Soon after that, Rafaga will be sailed to the island of Curacao for the 1st annual Heineken Regatta in November where the boat will be racing two of her identical sister ships, among some of her competitors.

This is an opportunity to get the boat dialed in, and challenging it to go faster. Finally the intention is to sail the boat back to Curacao in February to put it on a ship to St. Maarten to compete in the 2009 Heineken Regatta which is one of the most prestigious Regattas in the Caribbean.

It is uncle’s Anthony and the boys Marc Anthony & Maurice’s intention to start collecting sailing trophies in the near future to bring home to Aruba.

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August 16, 2008
Rona Coster