Windows on Aruba hosts Telearuba Christmas Show

Tabitha and Windows crew

Tabitha and Windows crew

Divi’s Managing Director Alex Nieuwmeyer and Marketing Manager Tabitha Fecunda welcomed TeleAruba and the stars of its popular Christmas show, for an elegant evening at Windows on Aruba, in the club house of Divi Links.

Yvo & Siomara recorded their live variety program from the restaurant, including in the broadcast a glamorous fashion show, seasonal music and gourmet food.

As special guests of the program Tabitha, and sous chef Patrick introduced Divi’s spectacular Christmas menus. They also proudly unveiled three special lunch packages, and surprised viewers by presenting them with this Fall’s Wild Game menu.

Window’s on Aruba is ready for the holiday season with a choice of innovative party menus designed to entertain small and large groups, featuring the restaurant’s true to nature dishes, made of the best Old & New World ingredients, prepared by using the latest cooking methods, honoring the original flavors of the products, and paying homage to artistry in plate presentations.

Reservations for Window on Aruba can be made via the Divi Links club house concierge, by calling tel.: 583 5000.

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November 07, 2008
Rona Coster