Whodoneit? Or Happy Animal Day.

Yesterday a post by FK Chung reported that some puppies were dumped the day before from a pickup truck in Seroe Biento at 1:03pm, midday, in the middle of nowhere, and the island went ballistic with 956 FB shares and countless responses. The post included a picture of the disoriented puppies, and the truck license plates.

“E senjora di e pick up aki a cabi dump puppies den sero biento plantenrust… bo ta kere ta hende!! A23853. Awo awo… 1.03 pm, 10-02-17.”

I asked Policeman Kenny Montero, an animal lover to look into it and he reported: The police checked the car license plate. The car was registered to a company address at Cayena Mall; they visited and the company doesn’t exist anymore. The last time that somebody paid for the license plates on that car was 2016, so there is no address and that is why they’re asking for a witness to come forward and provide more details.

So basically, an unlicensed car belonging to an unlawful citizen, committing crimes against the Animal Kingdom. Additionally, it is totally shameless, because Seroe Biento is in the area of the kill cage at Wayaca Veterinary Services, this beautiful soul could have just dropped the pups there, but the embarrassment, the thought she might be viewed by an animal rescue organization, drove her to heightened atrocity.

At a recent AHATA membership meeting Police Commissioner Adolf “Dolfi” Richardson shared with an audience made up of hospitality executives the latest initiatives in the combat of criminality on the island. He ran a presentation which we have already seen a number of times, about cameras, and intelligence and recruitment, adding his charm and charisma to the mix of commentary and data.

At one point he was asked by lawyer Patrick Brown, if the police also goes after small offenders. Brown was referring  to what is known as the Broken Window Theory which maintains that MAJOR anti-social behavior, and BIG crime can be reduced if we crack down and prevent SMALL crimes such as vandalism, driving unlicensed cars and dumping puppies, which create an atmosphere of ‘anything goes,’ and the accommodation of lawlessness and bad behavior.

That Broken Window Theory introduce in 1982, was used to motivate reforms in the NYPD, introducing Stop, Question and Frisk, which was controversial but very effective.

Back to the AHATA meeting: The commissioner laughed, and stated he is always criticized for wasting his time on small stuff when he is supposed to go after big stuff.

My point?

It would be an excellent PR move to go after that pickup truck, locate that lady, fine her, shame her, because the rescue organizations find it very frustrating to continuously deal with irresponsible pet owners, WITHOUT protection from the law. And while there is a law, it has no teeth. This is a good opportunity to make a case against cruelty to animals, ease the frustration of rescue organization and introduce lawfulness in the treatment of animals on Animal Day.

Now go kiss your dog/cat, and wish them a great day!



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October 04, 2017
Rona Coster