Who Won the Debate

Aruba did. We got to see our politicians speak and act under pressure.

I don’t want to give any ink to the charlatan of Pueblo Prome, the well-intentioned yet raw leader of HTC, the clueless leader of POR, and the old school gentleman of CURPA, these people set the bar low, yet because we are a democracy, they are allowed space in the public sphere but they are unschooled and don’t understand any of the issues facing this country.

In the case of PPA and UPP, both female speakers are pleasant enough and educated enough, but is that enough? You really have to assimilate a lot of economic, social, and labor materials, plus, plus, in order to elaborate eloquently on our issues, and they simply are new to the race.

MEP = Our MinPres defended herself well, dressed in white for the intro, in red for the main event, she has such a pleasant TV personality, and she is smooth. I did not agree with her answer regarding immigration, and the talk about the refinery, but she is a master of many trades, a woman of many talents, and she understands the issues.

AVP = The king is naked. Again and again, when the leader of AVP is given the opportunity to make a fool of himself, he does. His empty Plan Di Rescate, sound tired, hollow, on auto pilot. It is scary how much he doesn’t know, and how easily he makes empty promises in front of the camera. By the way: AirBnB income is taxed by law, 9.5% for the past few years and those who do not pay the tourist levy and the environmental fee, are breaking the law.

RAIZ = Ursul Arends got the AirBnB discussion right. And he is right about planning, we should start somewhere.

MAS = Marisol is forceful, angry. They say that 80% of what we hear depends on the tone, hers is sharp, decisive, she slipped in the time bomb of the Bubali Plas, she is a warrior, and it came through, a fighter, dressed in red. Hope she gets into government.

RED = When Ricardo Croes isn’t mad, he makes a lot of sense. He aced his questions and proved he has well-organized thoughts about weed, hemp and agriculture.

ACCION21 = Mom should be proud of how well Miguel Mansur handled himself, how clearly he thinks, how direct he is, and how fast he identifies the core issues, this guys assimilated a lot of materials in a short time, he is ready to get into government. He understands what we’re facing and suggests solid tools.

Thank you KVK for the initiative, and thank you TeleAruba for the production. Next time, you have to manage to squeeze 3 hours into 2, by accelerating the pace, and picking a mediator who doesn’t repeat herself/himself. We get it the first time, every time. You lost a large audience during the evening, those who fell asleep in front of their screen. It was incredible drawn out.



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June 04, 2021
Rona Coster