Who knows what Hamsa means

Many years ago, I bought a few tarot-reading books and a nice deck of cards and tried to teach myself the endless meanings and symbolisms, depicted on the cards, and how they reflect on the people who pick them.

At a fundraiser for a local school I set up shop and read fortunes, basically had very pleasant conversations with parents and kids about personal experiences and growth, contributing to the money raised to buy computer equipment for school.

I swear. I am not making it up.

Erin Croes, at Magic 96.5FM, at the time, promoted a horoscope by a famous madame whose name I cannot spell, and my clients were all open to talk about challenges and dilemas, and what the future may bring.

My Tarot card were an Italian design from the 15th century, and showed ancient symbols, medieval and religious people and things from the world around us, from history — they were artistic and beautiful and were kept in a small dark pouch.

I looked for them recently, they disappeared, I must have given them away since I did not look at them very frequently!!

Why did I look for them? Because one of my friends offered to read my cards.

Don’t roll your eyes. Don’t go ballistic on me. I do not believe in divinations, but I know the cards open the door for interesting conversations. So, I went.


And had indeed an interesting conversation.

My friend is intuitive, and straight forward, more of an intuit than a psychic, and while I am always engaged in self-exploration, it was nice to add a second person to the process.

Here YOU are the center of conversation, if you feel like you have no one to talk to, talk to Hamsa Tarot by Jennifer, you can even do it on Zoom, or on the phone.

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January 10, 2023
Rona Coster