What I learned from a helpful therapist

For reasons of sitting at my desk ten hours a day, I went to see a physical therapist to help ease the related stress on my hamstrings. Yes, the area behind my hip and my knees was complaining and since I do not speak the language of discomfort I went to see Joke Schmid, Physical Therapist, Medical Massage, Licensed Acupuncturist and Yoga Therapist, as my bone/muscle interpreter.

I learned so much from her, I can’t begin to tell.

It’s the way we sit at the blasted desk, she said. Slouching.

We have an S curved spine, not a C curved spine.

And that’s where the trouble begins.

To fix is: Sit with your legs slightly extended forward, so you can see our toes. Don’t tuck, curl or cross your legs. When feet are extended and apart, the knee gets a chance to rest.

Sit on your sitting bones. Lift up your butt cheeks a bit, locate the bones, and sit on them. That is why god gave them to you.

Make sure your pelvic bone, the highest point of your pelvis is hovering right above the sitting bone, straight up.

Pull your shoulder blades down, then tuck in your chin, to better support your head.

Your TEN POUND noggin should be supported by your neck AND spine, by tucking in the chin you ease the stress on your chicken neck.

If you maintain all five points of reference you will maintain you S-curved spine, no stress, no pain.

S is for super

C is for catastrophic

Best of all throw the chair away, stand at the desk, and don’t just hang the weight on your lower back, stand with your legs apart, knees soft, pelvis tucked in, shoulder blades pointing down, and that way you work your thigh muscles, to extra loveliness, protecting your lower back from stress injury.

One more thing. Get rid of your flip flops, all except one pair to go to the beach with; flip flop force the tootsies to curl, work hard to keep the shoe on, the toes should relax and rest, not curl and grab. Strappy sandals are ok, barefoot best.

One more thing: Keep texting to minimum!!

Can you??

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March 15, 2018
Rona Coster