What happened yesterday, a lot, but nothing really.

This whole Eagle LNG deal-making reminds us of the time Mike Eman went to Caracas to meet Maduro and came back beaming waving a fat contract with CITGO, followed by a signing, speeches, fireworks and music. The only difference? Dancing was permitted then.

The deal was doomed.

REPEATEDLY, opaque, and thus suspicious deals, struck behind closed doors, are presented to a confused audience to the benefit of few. Doesn’t sound democratic at all.

So there was a protest yesterday, Aruba style, with nice new color-coordinated tee shirts and placards, held by surprisingly many people.

What’s the fuss? A bunch of storms together, a general fear of not making ends meet, lots of pent up stress from everything that has been going on here and in the world, inflation, this year will be close to 6 to 7 percent, next year probably same, all rolled into the famous 12.6% salary cut, in the name of belt-tightening and solidarity

MinPres asked protesters to give her 48 hours to see if a ‘solution’ can be found.

Solution to what? The country is bankrupt.

Why didn’t we hear any protest against general government piracy?

The open meeting quizzing GOA about the Eagle LNG deal, that was supposed to unfold in parliament had to be postponed, because protestors lay siege to parliament.

What is ironic is the following: The same people at Web who are holding back sustainable de-centralized energy generation in Aruba, are protesting against the same people who have locked WEB in, as a centralized fossil fuel based energy producer, for the next 20 years.

WEB people should be thanking MEP. MEP is working against the betterment of Arubans by NOT allowing Arubans to produce their own energy and benefit from this much cheaper, and sustainable, form of energy generation.

Transporting energy from WEB to a household causes about 8% energy loss. This could be automatically saved by not having to transport energy, because we would be producing it ourselves.

The local public, consumers of energy, ARE THE ONLY ONES paying WEB and Elmar, for product, it is a form of financing for their activities, and Utilities in turn delivers mass produced energy, that is NOT cheaper.

Nowadays de-centralized solar energy generation and storage, could be cheaper for any household in Aruba. Extra bonus: It produces less or no carbon.

Imagine if the same financing WEB enjoys would be handed to households and businesses here to finance their own energy production and management?

WEB and Elmar should convert quickly into entities that help their consumers instead of holding them hostage, by no mishi cu “mi” salario.

To top it all, President Biden has just halted all federal aid to coal, oil and gas projects overseas, because he is concerned about global warming.

The US government will be barred from backing any such projects overseas. And we thought that because the US Consul was here, we are protected. Are we?

Good news? We finally have a Dutch government; they might want to give us some extra pointers now that their formation is in process.


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December 14, 2021
Rona Coster