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Pre-Valentine’s Day we read that the former Dutch prime minister, 1977 to 1982, died hand in hand with his wife, his sweetheart of 70 years, by duo-euthanasia, they were both 93 and very sick, could not go on living without one another and were granted the right to die. In the Netherlands about 1,000 individuals are granted their euthanasia-wish each year.

Euthanasia and assisted suicide have been legal there for twenty years. In recent years duo-euthanasia is rare but possible, if both individuals prove unbearable suffering, and no prospect of recovery, verified by two medical professionals.

While euthanasia, where drugs are administered by a medical professional, is illegal in the USA, aided suicide, where drugs are self-administered, is legal in a few states.

The former prime minister and his wife were a famous couple, always appearing together, true lovebirds, and checked out of this world few days prior to Valentine’s Day, giving “til death do us part,” a fresh meaning.

During the last week of January, a boat coming from Aruba was intercepted by the Dutch Caribbean Coastguard, according to a report from Curacao’s Public Ministry.

The manifest declared transport of chicken and roosters, and following a short inspection, the officials were faced by 29 fighting cocks, heading for Bonaire.

The captain was given two options, to turn back with his chicken and go to Aruba or distance himself from his cargo, allowing the veterinary service ‘to take them out of circulation,’ which means euthanize the specially bred and trained birds.

Cock fighting is illegal in Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, falsifying a manifest is illegal too, yet the authorities here are too busy elsewhere.  They pay zero attention to this barbaric ‘sport,’ at the heart of illegal gambling, and other criminal activities, which go on undisturbed.

So, what are the authorities busy with, you’re asking.

The Minister or Justice for example, just offed the heads of four top officers, members of the fire brigade. Yes, Aruba’s fire fighters just lost four of their top leaders. According to the minister they were useless at their job and sabotaged the corps.

Their heads rolled effective February 1st, with a decree signed by the Governor, additionally, there is an ongoing investigation of these educated and trained veterans of many years.  There have been tries to suspend and expel them before, this time, the strategy was successful. If ever we saw an ongoing political persecution of top staffers, with probable fault on both sides, this is it!

The minister compiled an incredible long list of so-called offenses. One of my lawyer friends suggested that when you present such an extensive, detailed record of wrongdoings, it usually means you are just throwing mud against the wall, hoping some sticks.

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February 16, 2024
Rona Coster