Web on Malmok

They have been working for weeks.

Off and on.

Replacing the old water main along L.G. Smith Boulevard.

Malmok is famous for spectacular pipe-bursts which pour incredible quantities of water into the street.

A few questions for WEB:

Why does it take three hours to turn the water flow off, after the main pipe breaks?

Aruba has one of the most expensive drinking waters in the world, and WEB does not even know if and when the pressure drops in its main pipe, as a result of a break.

The wasteful loss of water and damage to pavements is not a good enough reason to install a basic monitoring system?

WEB should have one.

So that its control room is alerted about the unfortunate incident, even before the neighbors call it in.

Why is the project to replace the old water main behind schedule?

The new pipe has been laid, but the houses are not connected yet.

Shouldn’t that be a priority?

Why did WEB wait to replace the old pipe till 2022?

We’ve had several years of pipe bursts, because the main is apparently fatally damaged by saltwater.

It breaks practically every other month.

This project is long overdue, and now it’s sluggish.

Please get it over with.

Switch the houses from the old system to the new, to reduce water waste.

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October 12, 2022
Rona Coster