We Fusion plays real music

We Fusion

Kavey Yarzagaray, Ryan Maduro, and Yair Britten make up a new musical ensemble. They recently entertained at a private cocktail reception at Ocean 105 and contributed with their music to the opening party of Casa Tua in town.

Kavey is a spirited Flamenco guitarist who received his musical education in Holland. He furthered his guitar knowledge by training with famous guitarist Tomatito.

Ryan who just graduated music school, also in Holland, is more classically trained, and plays classical guitar with great passion . Their two guitars are complemented by noise-maker Yair, an excellent percussionist who specializes in small, ethnic instruments, in particular noise-makers used by the aborigines in Australia.

The trio has an authentic, real sound, removed from electronics and amplification, a soothing and pleasant presence that is easy on the ears and delicious to the soul.

They are professionally handled and available for bookings via Shamila Oduber.

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June 12, 2008
Rona Coster