Water and Electricity Prices Just Went Up

In the world’s most boring press-conference, with the dullest graphics, Alfredo Koolman and Anthony Irausquin were tasked with giving us the bad news that water and electricity prices went up, considerably.

What did you expect, says one of my friends, a dog & pony show?

They are no politicians. They run companies; they are no public speakers.

Which brings up the next point, why didn’t the minister in charge of energy assume the responsibility for telling us, that what we feared is true?!

Where was THE minister?

Or any minister?

Why must Alfredo and Anthony be the bearers of bad news?

The ministers were absent, because they don’t like to announce hardship.

The utility companies did state they would like to provide us with reliable, stable and sustainable energy.

They are using 50% less HFO, just 3,000 barrels instead of 6,000.

But they never bothered to tell their audience what HFO is.

I remember they used to call it bunker fuel, I looked it up: Heavy Fuel Oil.

At the end they did mention renewable energy, they have an accelerated plan for solar, wind, batteries, etc., they would like to be less dependent of HFO, and are going to crack down on CO2 emissions, all in future tense.

They did mention they had 7 months of financial losses and that they needed to replenish THEIR reserves. What about ours?

This centralized fossil fuel energy business is so yesterday.

We must encourage/incentivize solar panels everywhere, on all houses.

If we produced our own energy, we will not require such WEB/ELMAR/UTILITIES overhead, it will cost us less, be better for the world.

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July 30, 2022
Rona Coster