Wariruri Bay, in the news

Wariruri Bay is a charming small, white-sand boca, a cove, with its own miniature natural bridge. You will find it on the map, on the island’s North coast, when you let you eye travel over the ridge, down the coast, from the neighborhood of Calbas.

We have been to that beach a number of times. One cannot really swim in the water, the Northern coast is rough, but one can sit in the shallows and enjoy the spectacular scenery, and the washing of the waves, until the caravans of ATVs and UTVs descend from the dune, like locust, in billows of sand, and fumes.

I remember that once rolling dune. It is all but obliterated today.

Most tours drive down from Alto Vista on the backroad leading to Bushiribana, and perhaps stop at Wariruri Bay for a snapshot. Most riding ranches do the same, crisscrossing the countryside with visitors on trail-horses, every single day of the year, not really lingering to appreciate the beauty but rather passing through.  

Yesterday, an unexpected communication from Tamara Beaujon, a press member, announced she was putting a cease and desist order on all companies and people who use that privately owned Wariruri Bay and its beach as a tourist attraction. That meant that all advertising mentioning Wariruri Bay and its baby natural bridge were off limits, and that the next step for her, in the name of the owners, was to fence off the property because trespassing was no longer tolerated.

Apparently, Tamara’s dad, J.R.L Beaujon, had bought the 11.780m2 property in 1966 hoping to build a few vacation bungalows on it. He never managed to obtain a government permit for that. And over the years when he tried to exploit his own asset, he was never successful.

The government on the other hand, allowed every ‘Tom, Dick & Harry,’ to excavate the location for sand for construction purposes, and later granted dozens of tour permits to local companies, leaving the legitimate heir of J.R.L Beaujon’s estate, out of the equation.

No, there is nothing we can do, the authorities stated, this is a green zone, and nothing can be built or developed in the area.

The issue came to light recently as the MinInfra was editing and re-writing the existing zoning plan for the island, the famous cROPV, valid for the next ten years. And while the Beaujons tried to complain about the unfairness of the situation, in writing and in court, their plea was unheard, though their lawyer David Kock, gave it his best shot.

So, this is where we stand. If the area is protected indeed, it should also be protected against the abuse of heavy motorized traffic.

If the area is OK, to be exploited by vehicles and horses, the family, the legitimate owners of the property should be compensated.

For now, says Tamara, when I spoke to her on the phone, the Cease & Desist order stands. And she will be talking to the prosecutor about past violations against the family property. The status quo has been disrupted.





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December 03, 2019
Rona Coster