Wait till you read this: The flip side.

After seeing a July 7th press release about HOH by Marilu Koolman, and Charlaine Huntington, of HOH, I translated their piece into English for my column, thinking it was super-interesting.

The PR was issued following the College of Aruba Financial Supervision, CAft, and AZV, General Health Insurance, visit at Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital, HOH, and made them look good.

The sometimes victim of harsh circumstance, entirely NOT their fault.

Then readers decided to respond:

It was an extremely self-serving press release, one said.

Apparently, the director of the hospital is promoting himself.

What he forgets to mention is that the hospital has not produced its quota EVER!

Maybe the hospital should inform us how many patients his specialists see a day?

What percentage of a working day is spent actually touching patients, by doctors on the payroll?

Did he forget to mention that during the pandemic the hospital started a money-making machine with Covid-testing at the airport?

And that it opened testing locations for tourists going back to the USA?

Have you heard of hospitals in the USA or the Netherlands opening an outlet at a local mall for a Fit to Fly Covid-testing facility?

Has the hospital EVER given production figures to the AZV/taxpayer?

The answer is no!

Has HOH forgotten that it operates the most inefficient lab on the island?

Has it forgotten that their lab was involved in a massive fraud case two years ago?

Fraud, when it was not part of the hospital, and fraud as part of HOH.

Has it forgotten that thousands of woman who took a PAP test, never got results, because the tests were never done? A repeat-phenomenon over a long time.

Has HOH forgotten, it failed to include new operating rooms with the new construction, which totally fudged the whole building and the facility up?

Does the hospital NOT remember that an AVP party fanatic, with a marginal medical background was made project manager of this multi-million-florin undertaking.


Hundreds of millions of taxpayer money about to be spent, and former Prime Minister Mike Eman puts a male nurse in charge of the frugal spending of the budget.

While HOH may publish self-glorifying PR, there are two sides to most stories.

HOH has been a hot mess for many years.

Publishing half-truths does not change that.

HOH is fully funded, without any questions EVER asked. It’s unheard off.

And the fresh claim they are now more efficient? It’s complete fiction. HOH is one of the most wasteful organizations on island.

HOH nominated three different directors, in three years: Ezzard Cilie, Freek Korver, and now Jacco Vroegop.

That by itself says a lot.

And every new director can blame the smell, oil leak, water damage, fire, hack, construction, fraud, cheap windows, high electric bills, on their predecessor.

Fact remains for us taxpayers, the mess created during the AVP years, lives on.

Former Prime Minister Mike Eman should have never allowed a renovation/face lift of the existing dilapidated structure. He should never have entrusted the project to an unfit overseer, then hand everything over to the Aruba Investment Bank in a structure nobody understands, with some vague construction company out of Miami deciding if an electrical outlet may be changed.

And that’s the flip side.


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July 17, 2021
Rona Coster