VOTAARUBA.ORG, an interesting  ‘Stemwijzer,’ a voter monitor

A recent ‘Stemwijzer,’ reached my mail box. I checked with friends if it was legit. It was, so I took the ‘test,’ basically responding to a multiple choice prompt.

I recommend it to all of you; the website promises the collected data will remain confidential.

VOTAARUBA.ORG is a kind of election monitor, a web based tool monitoring political interest here on the road to September’s elections. I am told it is a project by students in the Netherlands – no names mentioned — some of the project partners are respectable and impartial entities. Most importantly people who tried the stemwijzer, find out which political party program/vision is aligned with theirs.

Some were surprised it worked so well.

So what is VOTAARUBA.org, by Fundacion Fuente, about?

It elicits questions and asks you to think about a yes, a no, or none of the above, answer.


Should Aruba help Venezuela in a case of a humanitarian crisis? Yes? No?

Should the care of the elderly remain primarily the family’s responsibility, or should the state shoulder the burden.

What would be a good age for retirement 62, 65?

Should Aruba grant a basic salary to all citizens?

I just recently listened to a TED talk about guaranteed basic income, as an instrument of poverty elimination:  https://www.ted.com/talks/rutger_bregman_poverty_isn_t_a_lack_of_character_it_s_a_lack_of_cash

Votaaruba.org wanted to know how I feel about same sax marriage.

Then asked me if I support patient partial participation in the purchase of prescription drugs.

Other questions I had to think about included:

Should abortion be allowed only in extreme cases such as rape of sexual abuse?

Should the cultivation and sale of MJ be legal?

Should import duties be reduced?

Should Aruba drill for natural gas?

Should the refinery push to become operational?

Should multinational companies pay more taxes here?

Should GOA make large investments in cyclists paths?

Should we ban resort all-inclusive programs?

Should Caya Betico Croes be open for traffic?

Should a member of parliament who resigns from his party, lose his seat in parliament?

Should the MinPers be elected directly, on a second ballot, by name, on a national level?

Should we pay for parking?

Should Arubans living overseas be obliged to vote?

Should there be a control mechanism, controlling GOA’s expenses and spending?

Should we crack down forcefully on illegal immigration?

Should we have more alternative-energy producing windmills?

Should all illegal dumps be closed?

Should we write and enact environmental laws?

Should Papiamento be the elementary-school language?

Then the website tells you how the various parties think and where they stand. I found out I was much more in agreement with RED than with AVP.

If you don’t wanna take the quiz, just answer the questions while siting in a group of friends, you will be surprised at the answers you get.



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August 22, 2017
Rona Coster