Visit the Expo on Saturday @AcademyofFineArtsandDesignAruba

The Preparatory Course 2017/18 presents an exhibition on Wilhelminastraat, across Brenchie’s Park, on Saturday from 10 am to 5pm and the general public is invited to view it.

I am encouraging you to visit the collaborative efforts of 25 art students, working on five large scale installations within a fashion design context.

Our island has a very artistic heart, we have amazing talents among us, which express themselves during Carnival. The rest of the year, that flair and creativity is impossibly paired with the island’s innate conformity, the desire of people living in a small community to fit and blend in.

Artists by nature, have a hard time to fit and blend in, and sometimes they feel compelled to sacrifice their ingenuity in order to belong to their environment, accepted as an organic member.

Except at art school. Here anything goes, and for a short time, before bowing to social and financial restrictions kids are free of experiment and explore their artistic boundaries.

We should support that freedom of spirit, by showing up to view their creations.

We should be proud of our Academy of Fine Arts and Design Aruba. It has been operating for a number of years, first under the Rietveld Academie name, later under a more modest, more self-explanatory definition, as the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Aruba, with director Glenn Goddijn, and a gallery of imported and resident teachers in all art disciplines from design to architecture to movies.

Among teachers and supporters, the talented film maker Rebecca Roos, Carlo Wijnands, who taught the wearables’ module, Stephanie Kratz, whose specialty is the Maquettes StopMotion Video – must visit to experience, Ruud van de Pejil, a Tableaux Vivants specialist, and Steffen Maas, in total eight teachers, from around the globe, including Cuba.

The school prepares aspiring artists determined to further their education in the Netherlands and the programs in Aruba are accredited and count toward the coveted Bachelor degree in Art.

Goddijn originally arrived here as a designer and an Advisor in the Public Space for the Ministry of Integration, Infrastructure and Environment.  It was a big job. The InfraTeam collaborated on the still unfinished Oranjestad revival plans, with water elements, tram stops, plazas, vertical and horizontal loops, for visitors and locals exploring the urban Renaissance downtown.

Having banged his artistic head against bureaucratic constraints for a while, Goddijn then transitioned to the school and became a regular, an island resident, lending his flair to teaching.

The students are locals, but the school also attracts regional genii from neighboring countries. So, it would be interesting to see their five Tableaux Vivants, as presented at the end of the fashion portion of their study, as well as other works, completed earlier this year.

From Facebook: The Academy of Fine Arts and Design Aruba is the first and only Art and Design Academy in the Caribbean. Founded with the Rietveld Academy


@AcademyofFineArtsandDesignAruba,  Call 592 5245

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April 06, 2018
Rona Coster