Virtual electoral reality on video

I just watched a video on social media of the MinInfra and the MinPres dramatic appearance at Villa Floralina, a dust bowl of a horse ranch, in the countryside. They were heaping inflammatory, horse manure on their audience, a mix of Latin and Caribbean immigrants.

I have to say that our MinInfra commands an excellent Spanish and can eloquently spew outrageous promises, shamelessly spinning a fictitious tale, for Aruba’s recently arrived, vulnerable immigrants.


DIMAS will be getting a new state of the art computer system that can process permits for those who need them, within three days. At this point my jaw dropped and remained there.

After three years of residence, he continued, all immigrants will be granted family unification permits, allowing them to bring their left-behind family members here, in the name of a humanitarian government. (I understand the Kingdom, its jaw dropped too).

That humanitarian government, MinInfra continued, listens to immigrant mothers who find it difficult to enter their kids into local schools, and who struggle to obtain the AZV medical insurance for them. That same government comes to the rescue of unemployed immigrant fathers, finding jobs for those encountering hard times.

We have money he screamed, and projects, schools, and education, combined with a heart to welcome you all as brothers and sisters.

I almost cried. It was so touching. The crowd went bananas.

It was such a beautiful speech. So accommodating, so inclusive, it almost made me forget the ELEVEN plus years I waited for an AZV card for my foster daughter, a Casa Cuna graduate. I went through the regular channels, and that Via Dolorosa took forever. (In retrospect, I should have just gone directly to the MinInfra, stalked him at his house, or at parliament with the rest of the immigrant community, suffering from the chronic breakdown of regular channels.)

The crowd was lapping every word up, as the MinInfra and the MinPress painted a black and white picture of a xenophobic former government, discriminatory and abusive,  and a good, democratic and inclusive current government, where the MinPres looks at the kids as his own children, and every member of the audience as his own brother or sister.

It was an outright crazy video. I must be hallucinating. This cannot be real, it’s just virtual electoral reality.

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September 14, 2017
Rona Coster