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Sometimes between 2:05pm and 2:35pm yesterday, while I was having post-lunch coffee with visiting friends, around the kitchen table, a coconut was hurled at my car’s rear-end windshield, and shattered the glass. It took me a while to realize that the coconut lying on the mat in front of the passenger seat was the one that caused the damage. It must’ve been hurled out of a window of a party-bus or truck because according to one of my guests, there was a very loud party-on-wheels passing with maracas at approximately that time, so it’s not an evil deed just some stupid local or tourist riding around, expressing a spontaneous urge to vandalize. The coconut was still cool to the touch when the police picked it up, it looked like it was bought at the lighthouse refreshment truck. So, whoever bought it, finished the water and hurled the almost empty shell out the window. Bang. He must have seen it hit. But never stopped. He/she must have been absent when kindergarten taught not to throw anything out of a moving bus window. We were very puzzled at first glance why the car was sprayed with droplets, on the inside, then when we found the coco, we got it right away.

If you recall, it’s my second victim-to-vandalism, read-end windshield. Once intentional, now spontaneous!

Excellent service by Tel: 165, their representative could not have been nicer.

Very responsive and courteous policemen!


Grand Opening of Aruba Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics Clinic

Dr Patrick v/v Linde hosted a small gathering in honor of the opening of his dedicated clinic on Nieuwstraat, 48, Oranjestad.

Patrick, the son of well-established business woman Irene v/d Linde, of Laboratorio Familiar, has returned home after being away for 17 years. He tried to find a position within the local medical establishment, but apparently did not manage to secure one within that galaxy, so he opted to venture out into the private market, and reports that all appointments in the clinic, for October, are already booked.

Patrick did two years of pre-med in the USA, later he spent seven years in Costa Rica to complete his medical degree and further specialized in Bogota, Colombia, for four years, during which he was able to perfect his craft on victims of the FARC atrocities, the revolutionary armed forces that rained terror on Colombia since 1966, until recent years. He later went to Brazil to specialize in plastic surgery at the University of Sao Paulo, mastering Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Microsurgery Reconstruction, for more than five years.

In spite of the impressive resume and the need for plastic surgeons in the local health system, v/d Linde ended up opening his own clinic upon his return, with the most advanced technologies in the medical world, particularly in aesthetics. He will be offering the use of CO2 lasers for wrinkle treatment and rejuvenation, and the application of ultrasound to speed up the surgical process. Some of the equipment pieces in his clinic revolutionized the industry, such as a liposuction device that incorporates vibrations to break down fat and another Vaser-liposuction that facilitates the fat removal process.

There’s also the impressive Renuvion plasma machine, improving the look of saggy skin. For facial care, the Morpheus 8 machine combines radiofrequency with micro-needling, creating a rejuvenating effect. But it’s not just the technology that makes the difference, but also v/d Linde’s extensive experience, in countries where cosmetic surgery and beauty treatments and rejuvenation are the norm, and much in demand.

Aruba Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics Clinic
Nieuwstraat 48, Oranjestad
[email protected]
Tel.: 582-2249

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October 03, 2023
Rona Coster