UTILITIES: Look no further, pick ECOTECH

I received an e-mail yesterday informing me that Utilities is looking for international solutions for our dump challenges so that it may transition from its current unacceptable handling of solid waste to a sustainable and sanitary system keeping pace with international standards and best practices.


BUT I cannot explain WHY you would be looking internationally if we have a plant right here, that is 100% prepared to help deal with our trash, at a FRACTION of what is cost handle it now?

Why would you look internationally if you have a partner right here, and now, who already made the humongous investment, and is prepared to run with it.

Are you creating an impression of transparency, opening the bid up, then making the reasonable choice of picking ECOTECH from among all those who sent in filled respondent forms?

Pleeeease. Make It easy on yourself and ECOTECH, pick your LOCAL partner, and do it NOW.

ECOTECH has a head start over any foreign entity coming here to set up a business, this is their home, they care, they speak our language in so many ways, why would you solicit an RFI for a Solid Waste Treatment facility if you ALREADY HAVE ONE.

You already have a long term sustainable waste management solution, why don’t you jump on the wagon???

Or maybe sadly, a prophet is never recognized in his hometown, such is human nature.

The MinInfra is under pressure from Serlimar, they want to stay in the game, but that company failed us miserably over the past 50 years, heaping untreated trash at the edge of our water to the tune of Awg 444 florin per ton.

If GOA grows balls and moves on the ECOTECH proposals, it will save 10 or 15 million florins a year.

The previous government drowned that cow, we’re already in big trouble, Salvage what is left!

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February 20, 2018
Rona Coster