Update: Hocus Pocus

A number of readers have been remarking that I now sound mad, wow, they say, you are angry, your stuff is direct and aggressive, what do you mean, I answer, of course, I am outraged that Aruba’s financial disaster isn’t medicated properly and that Aruba’s medical crisis in underfunded, both in the hands of politicians who are unqualified in both the finance and health fields.

It’s that simple.

I took a spin through Royal Plaza and Paseo Herencia yesterday, just to get the feel, I recommend it. Most shops boarded and empty.

Many local fridges empty.

My pet peeve: Arubus continues to run large buses empty, no reform. I think Arubus is an allegory, a picture that can be interpreted to reveal hidden meanings, of management waste. and incompetence.

We were treated to a hocus pocus press conference last night, starring a cheerful MinTvs: “GOA cautiously expects that in coming weeks the contagion will be lower.”

But then surprise, Noticia Cla’s Tito Lacle citing “his sources” asked the magic question, or rather stated the unfortunate, we are running out of testing materials, and that is why they are testing less and flushing less spreaders out.

I talked to one of my friends, she is 82, and full of life, ideas and mischief. Blessed with good genes, she is an avid exerciser, and a health-conscious nibbler, so you can imagine this chica has no obvious co-morbidities and God willing, in December, she is planning to be first in line for the much-anticipated vaccine, she has plans already laid out, she will wait a week or two to verify the vaccine didn’t grow hair on her chest, and then off she goes, business class to Europe, I deserve it after being grounded for one full year, she says happily, she will be spreading her wings, she can’t wait.

Not so fast mamita. Hang on to your facemask

We heard yesterday the sad news about Cas di Machi, with more than a dozen infections. This will potentially wipe out that 80+ generation, and many locals will lose their beloved elders.

I grew up without grandparents, nada on both sides, no uncles, no aunts, just family-friends we called auntie-this and uncle-that. The second World War obliterated generations, and left us with just small nucleus families.

In Aruba’s case, you give up on the older generation by failing to reorder, and resupply test materials, by slowing down testing, and by unintentionally exposing them to the virus – agreed, the protection of older demographics is very difficult – you can’t ask caretakers to move in and give their own lives up.

Giving up on the older generation means allowing them to die.

Then we heard the cheerful health-ambassador, MinTvs, talk about Herd Immunity last night, it flashed on the slide at a press conference, and it is a sign that we lost the war. This is the flag the politicians wave when they lose the battle to contain the virus.

Wikipedia reveals that in order to achieve Herd Immunity, which is ok with polio and smallpox, unproven with Covid, you must be able to handle THOUSANDS of infections a month, because the estimated threshold is 60-76% of the population, meaning 78,000 locals passing through the disease cycle by next summer, before infection rates slow down completely.

Can we handle that AND an economic restart at the same time?

Please, make sure you reorder and resupply, on time, step up testing, and make sure patient information remains secret, leaking is unethical perhaps criminal. .


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September 24, 2020
Rona Coster