United Dog, upcoming spay and neuter Aruba 2019 campaign, Sept 17-21

Mercedes De Bruyn, of United Dog Foundation reports:

August has been an amazing month for street dogs and cats of Aruba. United Dog Aruba Foundation enjoyed the fund-raising efforts of Superfoodplaza Cares Program, and received the funding necessary to spay & neuter 400 cats and dogs in just 4 days, mid-September.

The operation will take place in Noord, at the old post-office building adjacent to Island Finance. More than 70 volunteers, a mix of locals and visitors, signed up to help.

Dogs and cats will be trapped, prepped, operated, then post-recovery will be returned to the street, fixed.

The adoption corner will be open to the general public who is invited to adopt right there and then.

St Pepper’s, a local rescue organization made a donation that would allow blood work on all trapped animals, which is an extra safety measure to guarantee a complications-free procedure.

The fundraising campaign at Superfood broke all record. United Dogs was received very well, people were generous, and expressed compassion for animals via donations.

Mercedes believes awareness is growing and so many more people care for the wellbeing of animals on the island.

On a personal note: I think that those who are emotionally invested just work harder. I recently saw a FB ad on Dogs & Animal Lovers Aruba offering puppies for sale, American Bulldog, there were 701 likes, 256 inquiries how much and 68 shares. Ridiculous. These people who are breeding animals illegally, and cause the street dog problem on the island are shamelessly exploiting their dogs, sell puppies for undeclared fortunes, and manage to find fans and clients. I am astounded.

After all the year of Responsible Pet Ownership promotion and the work of all rescue foundations? The ignorant masses still want to shop and not adopt.

 Hear that? That’s me tearing my hair out.

Thank you @chateaudel’horte wines, for pledging some money towards the campaign.

Thank you Manchebo Beach Resort, Rui Antillas, Divi All Inclusive, Gianni’s Group, Papiamento restaurant, Blossoms restaurant, Papillon Restaurant, for pitching in so generously.  The list is long.

#fightthegoodfight #superfoodplaza #weloveourvolunteers #togetherwecreateabetterfuture

Should you encounter a group of dogs or cats, please send a report through whatsapp to our special number: (+297 7407957)


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September 02, 2019
Rona Coster