Under constant attack, on all sides

I received left over tax finals for 2015 and 2016, plus documentation for 2017, 2018 and 2019, yesterday.

No joke, we are halfway through 2022 and the tax office is cleaning up 2015.

What would you call it, a total failure of IMPUESTO to provide decent service??

Just imagine if this government department functioned properly, what would it do to the Aruban economy and to our well-being??

GOA needs not look for alternative industries, leave that to the private sector, just focus on what the primary role of GOA is, and do that as well as possible, without unnecessarily suffocating us with taxes.


On another note: On March 23rd, we were told that a construction project on Malmok, at the edge of the Salina, was given the ultimatum to within one week demolish the illegal solid third floor construction, quasi-hidden on the roof. Today, March 12th, the third floor of what looks like an apartment is still standing.

That construction project bordering a nature reserve, distinguished itself for its total disrespect of nature, trampling the area, leaving construction debris everywhere, empty cement bags, discarded wood, nails, and broken machinery.  Finally, DOW sprang into action, but we must see how this will play out and if the owner of the building enjoys any political connections, to help his get away with that building violations.

In general, from an aesthetic point of view, the building is a sore thumb, a citadel, and it stands out against the neighboring lower private residences. It is clearly an apartment building, built by LongLife construction, or C2, if we are to believe logos.

What will happen there? This is clearly illegal, yet, will the owner get a variance on the deed of the land, now that he presented us with a fait accompli?

These things happen here all the time, and it is interesting to see if the building was built according to the plans submitted, or certain liberties were just taken half way, hoping we won’t notice?

Does the building permit include a third floor??

The maximum height of a house in Malmok is 2 floors, and you can have a pergola on the roof, no real construction, as per ROPV, there is no solid construction allowed on the roof top of any second floor.

It’s just difficult to protect a neighborhood, and its residents, and its fish and turtles, from the assault of dust and noise, over-exploitation, and visitor inundation, kitchen fumes, and poison diesel emissions when the environment, and that includes people and places, is under constant attack, on all sides!


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April 12, 2022
Rona Coster