Uncivilized discourse, on the radio

I listened to the midday news broadcast with Dilma Arends, on a much-appreciated station, HIT 100FM. She played a sound bite from a press conference by the former MinInfra, who sounded rabid, foaming at the mouth, like he was going to pop a vein, something he thought outrageous about, who else?!, the current MinInfra.

Not to ruin the good vibe in my car, I switched stations.

Same sound bite, on a different location on the dial.

Two things came to my mind.

I already asked the former MinInfra to please refrain from airing his views, we do not want to hear, not even a peep, from his direction. Let him count his millions and enjoy his pseudo-retirement, while on the opposition benches, which he rarely occupies, anyway.

The other thought was: They all buy their news from the same source, they procure their information from just one man, the amazing Speed Andrade, who only reports on his clients, naturally, he is a kind of freelancer, and that is why we rarely hear about current MinFEC or the current MinInfra, we just hear about the people dear to Speed’s heart, on all radio stations, every day.

In a discussion with a fellow media personality we agreed that we get what we deserve.

The radio stations/newspapers do not collect their own news, they have no budget for that. Advertising rates remained the same on the island for the past 25 years, and with stagnation in advertising rates, and a tight business community, that refrains from advertising, and sees no value in that, news collection relies on symbolic budgets.

Young people on Aruba who are educated and free-thinking, shy away from journalism, they want a cushy government job with all benefits, and will not stick out their necks for minimal wages, in dingy press rooms.

Besides with the island being so small etc., if one sticks out one’s neck, it gets chopped off, and uncomfortable questions remain unanswered for fear of losing valuable sponsors.

Or perhaps the owners of the media outlets got used to making a comfortable living, and refrain from hiring costly talent, what for, the cash had better stay in their pockets.

So that is why a rabid sounding, foaming at the mouth, former MinInfra is allowed to air his toxic views on not just one but ALL radio stations.   

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December 14, 2018
Rona Coster