Two Short Pieces

Opening Tomorrow, WVB

We were told that tomorrow, it was finally opening, the mythical Watty Vos Blvd, 25km, 13 rotondas, in 4 different designs. The Police and DOW remind us all to drive carefully, 80kmph on the highway, then down to 40kmph entering the roundabouts.

The delay was a question of “certification” we were told. And indeed anyone visiting the raised road at Hato, would immediately notice the sagging on the flanks of bridge’s foundation, immediately after the October deluge. The bundles of sand (?) at the base of the road, are no match for the giant limestone and granite base-blocks of the ancient Egyptian Giza pyramid. They look the same, but somehow do not seem to be as timeless.  

Is that bridge safe for traffic? Apparently yes. Drive carefully!


Chef’s PopUp at the Marriott Aruba Resort & Stellaris Casino

We made reservations for Friday evening and were seated at the bar, best seats in the house, to watch four chefs and their four talented apprentices at work.

Each chef came up with three original recipes, presenting diners with a choice of 12 incredible dishes.

We shared four, one for each culinary wizard.

Why did we like the event so much?

The team-spirit in the kitchen was in full display as Teddy Bouroncle, Urvin Croes, Romeo Penacino and Ever de Pena, each an accomplished star on his own, moved in sync in the tiny space, focusing on pleasing our palates.

Love was on full display as each plate leaving their space was perfectly prepared and eye pleasing.

The room was filled with locals, I could stop and socialize at every table, the butcher, the baker, the candle-stick maker they were all there, grateful to have been able to sample greatness, what is usually reserved for our visitors.

Tourism in Aruba needs local support, our understanding, our warm embrace.

This participatory, democratic moment in the lobby of the Marriott, as the product we so proudly promote was experienced, savored, and appreciated by locals, felt inclusive and embracing.

The chefs were so welcoming and proud, is rubbed off. I am beaming and proud.

Romeo’s rabbit dish? Perfection. A taste from another world, the Chef’s childhood.

Urvin’s shrimp and peanut sauce? Wow, how did he come up with such sensation.

Teddy’s ceviche? Poetic. There is really only one word to describe it. Poetic.

Ever’s Asado Negro? If I could have it every day.

Thank you for sharing the bounty, I am looking forward for another opportunity for a front row seat into your world.    

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November 04, 2019
Rona Coster