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What GOA Supports

We were told this week that a ‘boutique hotel’ is in the making around the area of the Olde Molen, 50 rooms, fantastic.

The new development will finally get rid of the murderous night-club, free the Police from nightly patrols, alleviate the mess, reduce noise and the general ‘molester.’

GOA totally support the project, the article said, it is in accordance with the MinTour’s ‘VISION,’ just what we needed, a small development, in compliance with our mythical ‘carrying capacity.’

The article on 24ORA stressed it was a fantastic move, packed with benefits, only when you scrolled down to see the comments, they sang a different tune. Pueblo was not happy: ‘We voted for you to work for the good of the country, and not to announce a new hotel project every day,’ declared one of the posts. All other comments agreed.

The style of the building, six or seven stories high, reminded me of the work of Joe Fernandez Architects & Planners NV, ornate and busy. Think Royal Plaza.

Apparently, the architect, perhaps his son, took the area over, after the disastrous ownership by Lee Towers, the Dutch Tom Jones, who previously owned it.

They haven’t done much to the area in recent years and are now ready to develop it, with two twin towers, retail on the bottom, more retail or restaurants on a mezzanine floor, and four levels of apartments, including a roof top penthouse floor. Or at least that is what I understand from the images published on line.

They never tell you the full story. As customary here, the press release touting the MinTour’s vision did not make mention of the name of the developer, or his exact plans. They like it opaque.

Any news about the repairs to the Bubali Water Treatment Plant??

I would love GOA to support that.

The Blood Bank

I visited yesterday. It was a good experience. The receptionist called me for an appointment, I arrived on time, they asked me all kind of intrusive personal questions, then took my blood pressure, sat me down in a comfy chair, hooked me up, I was done in 20 minutes.

I couldn’t help but ask about the hacking.

Apparently, all Blood Bank data is shared with Curacao thus they had a backup there and were not affected, as far as their information. Nevertheless, they were terribly inconvenienced as their computers were down, and are still MIA, missing in action.

I asked if the IT man was fired. I thought the entire IT department of HOH was replaced, for underestimating threats, but apparently no, they are all still there.

The Blood Bank can call me anytime, a donation makes me feel good, and I love the free M&M candy.       

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February 12, 2020
Rona Coster