Two of three pieces today

In its latest videos RAIZ calls for an improved and upgraded relationship with the Netherlands. No, the party is not calling for the reversal of Aruba’s autonomy, but it is calling for an effort to normalize, stabilize and develop more trust in the relationship with the motherland.

According to RAIZ both coalition and opposition parties have been using the government’s public sector to employ and reward their voters, over the years. RAIZ now wants that system to rehab, and mark the relationship with the overseas overseer, transparent and honest.

Integrity is the way to go, RAIZ reiterates, and integrity should rule all dealings between the two countries.

The RAIZ reaction came as a response to a press conference, held by the father of a RAIZ founder who called for the mother-country to reverse Aruba’s autonomy, give back the key, it said, and turn the island into a Dutch protectorate.

That was not RAIZ’s intention. According to a spokesperson, the young party is proud of our special status within the kingdom, and believes that Aruba when guided by integrity can and will stand on its own feet and prosper.

According to RAIZ, Aruba must show improved financial responsibility, when presenting the Kingdom with the local budget, a well-thought out proposition that doesn’t include frivolous spending items, such as the renovation of the Aruba House, in Den Hague, a costly futile exercise, that cannot possible have priority now.

Go through that budget with a fine tooth comb, and earn the respect of the overseers, RAIZ declares.

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May 19, 2020
Rona Coster