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Slam, bang

I don’t remember who spoke to me this week, but someone did, regarding Elmar.

Apparently, there are over 150 grid vs. car accidents a year in Aruba, involving light and power poles and distribution stations, jumping in front of moving vehicles, driven by sober, careful drivers, resulting in prolonged current interruptions, and that also includes unfortunate rips and tears, caused by cables throwing themselves against bulldozers, operated by professionals, in the heavy earth-moving equipment field.

It happens all the time. I have a chat operated by Elmar and every two days, there is a long winded ‘splanation, as to what happened, and why we have to show comprension and cooperacion.

My source reported that in St Martin most of the infrastructure in laid underground – a lesson learned during hurricane season, perhaps it’s time to think about that, here, fiber optic cables are already six feet under, perhaps it’s time to move the rest. And don’t say you don’t have money. You spend a boat-load on repairs, perhaps it’s time to re-direct the funds.

They are talking

On Monday morning parliamentarian Miguel Mansur, Accion 21, and independent member of parliament, a former AVP party member, Ryçond Santos do Nascimento, visited the Governor of Aruba to deliver a letter, regarding RAft, the kingdom law for financial supervision. They wanted to petition the Governor to intervene, and talk some sense into GOA. A copy of their letter was also distributed among members of the Dutch government, our prime minister, and more.

Both express their dismay over the irresponsible financial management of this country. Mansur pointed out that GOA just found a way of raising 110M florin more, by raising taxes, yet the upcoming budget, already shows an increase of 112M florin in government spending. Do Nascimento reiterates that parliament was never able to control ministerial spending, and in so many words, Aruba needs Dutch protection against mismanaging politicians.

I appreciated greatly that while they hail from different political cradles, they share convictions and can talk about our burning issues, together.

Aruba’s only hope for alternative political leadership lies in minority parties coming together to form a single movement. There is one more free floating member of parliament, and she should join forces with Mansur and do Nascimento, and perhaps even manage to convince a certain outspoken raven-haired, fire-spitting veteran to hitch her horse to their cart.

This is wishful thinking, because politicians have huge egos, and the ‘good of the country’ usually plays second fiddle.

I still think it would be a good idea to pool resources, reconnect with Daphne Lejuez, and let’s get some excitement going.

All these people have more IN COMMON, than the stuff that PULLS THEM APART, but they must humble themselves in order to collaborate, and that’s difficult for a politician.

First item on their joint agenda: Get do Nascimento to the hair salon, to restrain his flying tendrils.

OK, that wasn’t nice!

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Name: Bati Bleki

Android? Soon. As soon as Google stops protesting.

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August 31, 2023
Rona Coster