Two burning issues Trash & Blood

She is wrong, and misleading

The man who pulls ALL of GOA’s strings was fast to point out how wrong I was on IRRELEVANT matters, while never addressing the issues raised.

Such a smooth operator.

Repeat: The laws heading to parliament are of NO benefit to the general public. They will make SERLIMAR the only one receiving waste.

And the minister managed to talk around it.

The laws will also keep Kendall Aruba/Caribbean Trucking Company NV is business, especially now that they bought the equipment. If the RDF bales are shipped away there will be nothing to bury at Seroe Teishi. But we’ll get back to this another time.

Our only hope is Parliament. But of course the minister runs it. So we need to somehow find support, exploiting the fragmentation of the parties. Make sure Parliament members act in the interest of the community rather than the party they belong to.  We need to remind GOA that they are here to serve us. The public does not serve them. 

Saving Serlimar jobs for votes, and we have to pay for it?

That makes a mockery of the democratic system.

Parliament and GOA need to reconnect with a sense of responsibility towards the people of this island. Lastly, the people of this island need to vote in the interest of their island and not motivated by WIIFM.

(*What’s in it for me)

Remember the letter of the HOH specialist?

In point number five they stated:  Unreliable test results. LabHOH is a mess. Often, there are no test kits, the equipment is broken, and results get lost, it is a critical system and it is failing.

Last week, Amigoe columnist Nico v/d Zee exposed a classic case of fraud at the hospital, so unsophisticated and so evil, that it is hard to believe it actually happened here.

It is alleged that the DIRECTOR OF THE LAB, took it upon himself to handle all PaP-tests, and instead of sending them to a certified Dutch lab, he processed them under the table, with some pathologists doing the work after-hours. He charged full price for his garage-lab results, allegedly registering a company under his wife’s name at his home address, in the Netherlands.

I told you not very sophisticated. And Evil. And ugly/greedy.

One of my girlfriends almost bled to death because she could not get her condition diagnosed for 12 months. The tests never came back from the lab, she was told. When I finally drove her to the ER, she was in a crisis. A visiting Dutch doctor, took one look at her, and was moved into immediate action.   

So I experienced this evil, get-rich-fast-on-the-backs-of-those-ignorant-islanders first hand.     

The follow-up of Nico v/d Zee column reported that LabHOH management tried to fire Nico’s wife, who happened to work as a technician at LabHOH, and the union had to intervene to avoid unlawful dismissal.

The director’s niece most likely got instructions from above, to get rid of the suspected whistle blower.

Additionally, instead of picking up the crooks and throwing them in jail for CORRUPTING our system – wasn’t it supposed to be highly regulated –  the people in charge keep throwing mud around, hoping some would stick.

But they are spinning their wheels in vain. Justice is slow. But it is coming. After months/years of complaints, there is a forensic investigation ongoing.   



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July 20, 2019
Rona Coster