Turista ariba mi isla

Hallelujah, we are getting a day off on Carnival Monday, no parades, but a day of rest is welcome, we have been working hard and we could use some leisure.

Of course this is all insane, because no one is talking about the upcoming additional unemployment wave and economic maltempo, maltrip.

Peeps, Carnival Monday off?!!

We will have somewhere between 10 and 25 thousand unemployed in the coming years. Mostly due to the giant GOA overhead and zero vision and support.

GOA itself will be decimated, ruined, just like Wema SN.

Many will try to run to the Netherlands, good luck there, if you have special skills, you may get work as a temp, which is better than nothing.

The silence, denial, plain delusional thinking things will get better soon, is painful to watch, and you know that I am not an economist.

I do my best to help myself. I started a new venture, and I go to work every day, I wear a mask and wash my hands, I keep social distance. The vaccine will help for a while, but then the virus will rear its ugly head again.

Covid-19 is here to stay. The virus is not going away, it will mutate and mutate and will always be here in this form or another, so life will never go back to the way it was.

This is the time for leadership, incentives to act, and change, set new goals, and inch towards them.

We recently took a trip through the main street, Caya Betico Croes, foot loose and fancy free.

I wanted to see what it looked like, now that a great number of stores are shut.

Sure, La Linda, is dead at the head of the street. The ancient employees were sent home, then a series of court cases aimed at gaining protection from creditors, and forge a survival plan. The attempt failed, because the heirs to the La Linda kingdom couldn’t reach an understanding and the business was declared bankrupt. When the inventory is sold, creditors will be paid a bit. Reportedly Awg 600.000 miraculously surfaced, enough to pay people off.

And that’s the beginning of the street.

As we walked down the tree lined road flanked by For Rent, and SALE signs on both sides, the silly fire-engine-red trolley came by, with two passengers and three staffers. It is a beauty.

Main street is a beauty with all palms grown and majestic, in stark contrast to business being dead as a door nail.

I am quoting Justo Lopez, forever headquartered at the Pastechi House, happy to deliver a tasty experience.

More shutters. Empty parking lots. 

Hanchi Tinpu at the end of the street was padlocked. It’s a new business, we would have been drinking a beer there, had it been open.

I bought some coffee at Holland Roots, a new business sharing space with In Bloom studio, a photography atelier.

Nothing more to do, we stepped into Coco Plum and had a Creole style chicken soup, with yucca, chayote and cilantro. The best under the sun.

The owners say that the regulars, mostly retired elderly people living around downtown are the backbone of their business, they come in for soup, chicken, beef, pumpkin, all homemade family recipes.

What can be done for town?

A lot. Incentivize the private-sector to invest and make it easy to open, from rental apartments, to specialty shops, bistros, and cafés.  

It will work. It has worked everywhere, we can start now and be patient. Rome wasn’t built in one day, but we have to start by making it easy to start, and create opportunities for young people!



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January 29, 2021
Rona Coster