Tragic accident results in the death of a man, you may call it criminal negligence

I owe you a government formation column but meanwhile:

A container or trailer was reported to have slipped early this week, and killed a man, the details are sketchy, besides the fact that a life, Gregory Panneflek, 35, was lost.

It happened in North Cura Cabay, a neighborhood in the St Nicolas area.

A trailer was being offloaded from a so called heavy duty truck by a company identified as 2FAST4U, then it reportedly slipped, and crushed a man to death.

Why was Panneflek standing in harm’s way?

The information is not available.

He must have thought he was helping.

I called around for some theories.

The best, explained that a container/trailer must be hauled, not towed, with specialty equipment that secures the steel mammoth to a special chassis, designed for just that, with clips to anchor it safely, while being transported. The vehicle and cranes, used for that type of operations costs somewhere between Afls 100.000 to 500.000, depending on their added bells and whistles.

Towing, is a horse of a different color, completely different challenge, requiring different, lesser, equipment, a much simpler undertaking.

We tow cars, we haul containers/trailers. Big difference.

The job was too big for the type of equipment used.

That particular company is active on the market for container transport, cheaply, because they cut corners, compromising safety, taking their chances on the road. They had a number of accidents before. One I remember clearly. It happened on my street where a steel container slipped off a flatbed and smashed into my neighbor’s fence, with no casualties, except crumbled bricks.

And that is not the only accident I remember. I posted more on my FB page.

So, who is in charge? Who is checking? Are there any regulations in place? How high is our concern for safety in the work place?


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September 10, 2021
Rona Coster