Traditional Music with Tipico Jara, Gets Fresh Spin


During a recent concert at Mr Jazz by Chucho Valdes a traditional little-known local band, occupied center stage.

Tipico Jara whose members are amateur musicians mostly from the village of Savaneta stole the show as the warm-up act of the Datapanik concert production.

Datapanik band-leader Michael Lampe invited the band to participate. He reports that his uncle is the cuarta player – a special four string guitar, typical to Aruba’s folklore music, and that the ensemble plays regularly for family gatherings.

Michael decided it would be cool to expand the band’s fan base and audience and to feature them on a grand stage during a formal concert.

Ticket holders agreed, as Tipico Jara delivered two sets of sweet, melodious, innocent and funny regional compositions, on accordion, cuarta, guitar, wiri and tamboor.

It was a great success, and a good choice for the concert which was also recorded live for a musical album.

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May 02, 2009
Rona Coster