Toys for Boys now open at Sabana Basora

Almost one year ago Bryan Gietel bought his first remote control helicopter when on vacation in Las Vegas. His imagination was immediately captivated by his new amazing toy, how fun it was to hold, and how easy it was to fly.  The decision to open a store in Aruba carrying Toys for Boyz was made right there and then.

This weekend Bryan and his wife Lourdes Gietel-Geerman welcomed friends and well-wishers at the cute store in Sabana Basora 96, Pos Chiquito. Remote control helicopters, RC cars which run on floors and climb on walls, tanks with gun barrels which move up and down, with realistic firing functions and RC speed boats line the shelves in all sizes, ready to be wrapped as holiday gifts. Bryan reports he has been selling remote control cars and helicopters for about 9 months, and with the opening of the store the business is now official.

Toyz for Boyz carries good quality toys at low prices. All RC toys are light weight and can be flown safely indoors and outdoors, they are all great looking, made from crash proof and materials, with a great selection for beginners, and larger, more complicated systems for advanced hobbyists. All models are excellent picks, and will look fantastic under the Christmas tree.

Drop by to admire the collection at Toys for Boyz, Gift Shop and Hobby Store, every day after 5pm, or visit the store on Faecbook.

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December 03, 2011
Rona Coster