Tourism Supervisors Fascinated to Meet Tom Pas, past Chairman CHTA Education Foundation, and hear his story

The Aruba Time Share Association island-wide training initiative, delivered by the CHTA Education Foundation, was enhanced on Thursday, December 1, 2022, by Tom Pas who stopped by to chat with 24 supervisors. Pas was Chairman of the Education Foundation from 2002 to 2013 and is passionate about personal development and giving people a chance to be better in their professional lives.

The former chair told the group “I believe in education. I believe you must find fantastic mentors during your hospitality journey. As a young waiter my mentor was a vice president at Disney Europe, as a banqueting manager my mentor was a personal assistant to Queen Julianna. I believed I could achieve anything. As a GM (general manager) I guided Playa Linda Beach Resort & Time Share, in opening phases two and three. I mentored a great room attendant to be my lead housekeeping supervisor and mentored Francis Ridderstaap, sent him to NY Nassau college, USA, and he went on to be celebrated as the CHTA Supervisor of the Year and he currently shines as the Aruba Divi Leisure Manager.”

“I have always had goals – initially to be a teacher, and I have achieved that through mentoring. I wanted to be flight crew, but at 6’4” I did not fit in the small island airplanes. I was determined to become a young manager and at 20 became night manager at Hilton Curacao, where the managers and guests remembered me. Four years later they hired me to open four Holiday Inn hotels in South Africa. I have always focused and concentrated on what I wanted to become.”

“Every person is a star, but often we fail to recognize the star. Ask yourself, how can I shine? by working hard and smart. Every so often ask your boss, how am I doing? What can I improve? and take appropriate action. Never stop learning.”

Pas closed out with an encouragement for the supervisors to have fun as their career progresses. He also encouraged them to apply for hospitality scholarships available through the Education Foundation.

Karolin Troubetzkoy, current Chairwoman, said “The Education Foundation thanks Tom for his ongoing support, and AHATA for their endorsement in Aruba. We are delighted to be partnering with the Aruba Time Share Association, in the current sold-out island-wide hospitality & tourism training project.”

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ATSA   Luigi Heredia, President  [email protected]

CHTA Education Foundation   Nerissa Golden, [email protected]                                      WhatsApp +1 664 392 4420

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  • Tom Pas, CHTA Education Foundation past Chairman surrounded by Aruban Supervisors from Time Shares, Restaurants, Bars, Resorts and Hotels.


The Aruba Timeshare Association (ATSA) is the legal entity representing the special interests of timeshare within the island’s tourism sector.

ATSA was established in 1994, and currently counts the active membership of most timeshare properties in Aruba (as well as condominium co-op associations). The association works on a local level, as a supporting member of AHATA, the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association, and with other local organizations as well as Government entities. On a regional level, where Aruba continues to receive recognition as a model timeshare destination, ATSA has professional ties with the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association and benefits from continuous collaboration with ARDA, the American Resort Development Association.

The CHTA Education Foundation is an independent regional charity established in 1986 with a mandate to improve and elevate the quality and professionalism of the hospitality and tourism industry in the Caribbean through education and training. The Education Foundation has supported various Aruban Scholars in their pursuit of academic and technical qualifications and partnered to deliver various on-island training workshops where we enjoy engaging with diverse hospitality & tourism professionals in a lively manner.

The Education Foundation welcomes the initiative from ATSA to collaborate with a regional ally and take action to uplift key hospitality & tourism professionals. Supercharged Service is everyone’s business.

14 days of practical training in techniques and knowledge are being offered for supervisors, Food & Beverage professionals, and housekeeping team members, alongside the ATSA-sponsored student scholars.

Aruba Tourism Authority: As the Destination Marketing and Management Organization (DMMO) for Aruba, the A.T.A. is responsible for uniting tourism interests amongst the on- and off-island stakeholders/partners for the purpose of coordinating destination marketing, destination development and destination partnerships.


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December 06, 2022
Rona Coster