Tikkun Olam In Action at Imeldahof

In November of 2007, T.H. Palm & Company, one of the most popular and colorful stores on Palm Beach, made a decision to earmark a portion of its sales’ revenue to six local not-for-profit foundations, helping them via regular monetary donations, and giving back to the community, in the words of the ancient Kabala, making Tikkun Olam, helping in the repair of the world.

Shoppers at T.H. Palm & Company were asked to pick their favorite charity from a list of excellent local projects and Imeldahof children’s home, topped the list.

Beginning with the first of November 2007, T.H. Palm & Company started holding back a portion of its income and this week, the second seasonal donation was handed over to director Dynia Muller by Salamander Holdings associates Julie Partosemito, Del De Guzman, Marissa Orbillo & Shaday Tomson

The delegation of Salamander Holdings delivered the check to Imeldahof Children’s Home and also toured the facility learning that the private foundation, in Noord, adjacent to the Santa Anna church, is capable of taking in up to 52 children.

While the home does receive minimal support from the government, the majority of its many needs must be met by donations and Imeldahof is dependent on the community’s generosity and willingness to help.

The objective of the children’s home, explains Dynia, is to offer temporary shelter and guidance to children who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to remain with their families of origin. In most cases this is only until placement with relatives or foster parents can be arranged.

A few of the reasons for placement of children at Imeldahof are mental or physical abuse, neglect and/or alcohol or drug use by parent(s), or jail terms imposed on primary caretakers.

Imeldahof provides for children physically as well as emotionally, states Dynia, offering them safety and structure in a supportive, loving environment,

Every child receives individual guidance, and their daily schedules also reflect their special needs and likes. While living in the home, children are observed continuously and their needs are assessed and adjusted on an ongoing basis.

Children with specific emotional and behavioral challenges receive guidance by specialists and still participate in the general program.

Ballet, music, taekwondo, arts and crafts, are offered as part of the curriculum and children are encouraged to attend regular elementary and secondary schools in their own neighborhood.

Julie, Del, Marissa and Shaday report you can help make a difference by shopping at T.H. Palm & Company. Two Percent (2%) of that sale is designated to one of six foundations. You choose which foundation you would like your donation to go to.

It’s that easy!

If you would like more information about Imeldahof, call Tel.: 587 6085. You may also contact T.H. Palm & Company at Tel.: 586-8909 or email [email protected].

T.H. Palm & Company is located street side at Playa Linda Beach Resort and opens daily from 9am – 10pm. Open Fridays until 11pm.

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June 21, 2008
Rona Coster