Tikkun Olam Donations at Salamander Holding

The year 2021 was a lean year for retail. Stores suffered from the general economic downturn, and attracted fewer shoppers, buying less, yet within the constraints of the pandemic The Salamander Group continued its fundraising activity, just as before.

Last week, a congenial event brought together The Salamander Group sales associates, and a number of donation recipients, at T.H. Palm & Company, at Playa Linda.

Managing director Jodi Tobman thanked her staffers for their diligence, and handed out donation announcements. At the helm of the company and the driving force behind Tikkun Olam, a program named after an ancient Hebrew philosophical belief that the repair of the world, Tikkun Olam, is possible by means of charity, she was grateful and proud for having been able to support Atelier 89, Autismo Foundation, Bon Nochi Drumi Dushi, Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds, Mary Joan Foundation and Telefon pa Hubentud.

The Salamander Group’s Tikkun Olam program was first launched in the fall of 2007, when Tobman announced the ongoing fundraising initiative, with regular donations presented to select not-for-profit foundations on the island.

As they received their donations, foundation representatives shared the challenges they encountered in continuing their important social activities this past year.

The donations made by The Salamander Group, in collaboration with its clients, were made possible thanks to the dedicated staff who helped direct a percentage of clients’ purchases to their favorite local foundation. The Tikkun Olam menu is available at the stores, and clients can study it to choose their favorite charity.

The Salamander Group owns and operates The Juggling Fish, T.H. Palm & Company, and The Lazy Lizard, fun stores located in the hotel areas and in town.


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December 21, 2021
Rona Coster