Tiara University instructs mechanics

Nick Wolsey in action

Nick Wolsey, Head of Training for Bombardier Aerospace, manufacturers of Shorts Brothers Aircraft in the United Kingdom, recently conducted a workshop of systems training for Aircraft Mechanics and Pilots in Aruba, at the Tiara Air training facility in Wayaka.

Mechanics from Tiara Air were joined by mechanics of Mayair Aviation – from Mexico, Cancun, operators of Shorts aircraft, as well as pilots from Tiara Air.

They all benefited from the learning opportunity and were thoroughly instructed on all Shorts SD-360 aircraft systems, by the world’s ultimate authority on the subject.

The training course was another fine example of the international and worldwide co-operation between Tiara Air and other professional operators of Shorts aircraft.

As the Mexican Mayair Aviation is starting to fly Shorts SD-360 aircraft, it called upon the expertise of Tiara Air to assist with its crew training.

The training course was a complete success, says Nick Wolsey, who enjoyed the multi-national, multi-lingual diversity of his aviation professionals, all sharing a great passion for their most reliable and versatile commuter aircraft, the Short SD-360.

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June 12, 2008
Rona Coster