Tiara Air Management and Employees Enjoy a Christmas Gala

In his warm, informal address, Managing Director and CEO Alejandro Muyale welcomed the employees of General Air Services and Tiara Air to the Palm Beach ballroom, congratulating them on a year of growth and significant achievement.

Under his leadership, both companies almost doubled in size over the past few years, and while General Air Services now handles most incoming flights at Reina Beatrix Airport Tiara Air grew to include additional destination and best of all now boast a new aircraft, and a second one is on the way, a Boeing 737 named Arawak, painted in the official Aruba logo and colors, which allows the airliner to fly bigger distances increasing its passenger count, to Curaçao, Bonaire, various destination in Colombia & two airports in Venezuela.

The evening’s awards ceremony was emceed by Nelio Gomes Da Silva. Alejandro Muyale and Anouska de Cuba presented top Tiara Air performer with a plaque, and a gift.

As Employee of the Year for Tiara Air, Mike Hagedoorn outshone and outperformed all others with his efforts to prepare and train new cabin crews for the growing airline, making sure the new cabin personnel is mentally and professionally ready to handle passengers and safety procedures. Pictured here Mike and Tiara Air management.

The Westin culinary team served a spectacular holiday buffet and Tsunami entertained, filling the dance floor with the airline’s employees, reservations agents, as well as Jet-Blue, Delta and United Airlines representatives.

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December 24, 2011
Rona Coster