Three of three pieces today

We have a sentence, 6 years for incest – NOTE: the kids denied her story today.

A recent case in court ended with the prosecutor getting what he asked, 6 years in prison for a creepy father who maintained a sexual relationship with his daughter, for over three and a half years, since she was 12.

The case was discovered when the creep changed phones, and handed his old cell down to the victim’s mother, who then uncovered the clip and recognized her daughter by her PJ and pleading voice. The face did not appear in the clip, so I will let you think about what was going on.  How disturbing is that?

The creep admitted, and was changed, and there was plenty of evidence, yet he got six years, similar to previous cases, however with a slight increase, my Legal Eagle girlfriend explains, probably because of the duration, the length of time and type of abuse, that factor into sentencing.

It is not clear what indications they use in sentencing offenders for longer periods, perhaps cruelty and the existence of multiple victims.

The case was about to blow anyway, because the child was cutting herself at school and drew the attention of a social worker and a psychologist.

Another one of my Legal Eagle girlfriends reports six years is a long time at KIA, attached to considerable hardship, three men in a cell, and she thought the sentence was appropriate,

I wish we had a system in place to help victims deal with their PTSD, long term. Otherwise, a young life is ruined.

We must add Edixson Davila’s name to the pantheon of creeps in the company of Ruru Wever and Jaime Tromp, when the sex offenders’ registry is officially created.

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July 12, 2020
Rona Coster