Three Little Pieces

Better lucky than smart

Every once in a while I test if the universe still loves me and the answer to that question is YES. I had coffee at Starbucks Paseo Herencia, around 6pm, yesterday, and when I left I abandoned my HANDBAG, resting on a neighboring chair. I do that every once in a while, leave my keys at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean, my credit card at Amore Mio; but the whole kit and caboodle, I usually remember last minute to take it along. Upon arrival at my house, I discovered the loss. I turned around, drove like a bat out of hell back to Palm Beach. My handbag was waiting for me where I left it, on the terrace, in open air, wallet and makeup bag intact! Wow, we live in la-la-land, I love it, everyone goes about their business without noticing anything. This could never happen anywhere else in the world.

Ooh La La

Maggy’s hosted a press conference yesterday afternoon on the main street to announce the 13th annual make up festival with a full schedule of activities for our favorite fragrance and cosmetic brands: Dior, Guerlain, Shisedo, Lancôme, YSL and Clarins. The activities spread over three locations Paseo Herencia, Main Street and San Nicholas. This business works, because they work it. They launch fragrances; they plan a calendar of events, special promotions and mainly give clients value for money with their loyalty program, besides maintaining an excellent relationship with the press.

So now you know the secret to their business success. It looks easy, but it’s hard work.

Managing Director Shiela v d Pol in a cute French red beret reported on the upcoming Paris-themed Beauty Festival June 26th to July 1st and announced the return of some amazing fragrances from the 80s, the overstated Poison, by Dior, and Rive Gauche, the empowering fragrance of the 70s.

Must Visit Koffiehuis Flor De Oriente

Flor de Oriente, the historic Madiki rumshop from the 30s, got an incredible new lease on life. Gone is the Heineken-green jacket, replaced by a more retro look, with three distinctly different environments, a rustic sidewalk garden café, an antique-filled pub with quaint furniture, and an inner patio with flower pots for Nip Club special events. Of course Heineken is still served deliciously cold, but the building changed hands. The de Freitas sold the property to a Dutch-born bar operator – he has/had a famous bar in the Netherlands – and he opted for the retro vibe, adding a stage upfront on Plaza Juan Poturgués, offering guests much more than just a rumshop counter. We used to go to Flor De Oriente occasionally in the old days, practically drinking our beer in the street. It is a lovely Koffiehuis today, and the homemade burgers are awesome; the snack menu worth trying, especially the tower, with a bit of everything. Blue-eyed Maaike runs the show, she is an experienced F&B girl, she operated similar bars in Curacao and she is currently quite content in Aruba. Happy hour is hopping every Friday, with criollo music and hip people, Sunday too. FDO opens every day at 4pm. In case you did not go, you missed a Sunset Vinyl Session by Caleto, yesterday.


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June 21, 2017
Rona Coster