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For the last two years, Kulture café, in San Nicolas, has had a sister, Coffee Aroma Aruba, at Hyatt Place, at the Airport Business Center. Aroma checked into the location post-pandemic, and has been serving delicious food for breakfast and lunch, to those working in the area. We stopped by midday, yesterday and enjoyed the Chicken and Steak Bowls, both offer a very satisfying experience, served on top fried-rice, diced avocado, scrambled egg, and plantain.

Owner Nick Gordon stopped by to say hello. Nick and wife Kedesha opened Kulture Café in 2019, in the renovated Nicolaas Store, a historic 1940 building. They branched out in 2021 to also operate Aroma, with Nick headquartered at Kulture and Kedesha in charge of the new location.

Service was first-class, food plentiful, coffee stimulating, and the banana bread worth a repeat visit!

Nick reports that Kulture will be hosting the free Jazz Appreciation Concert, again, this year, in April, in a slightly different format. Bring your own chairs, this time.

Aroma offers convenient parking, and Kedesha stamped the ticket for us, so it was free of charge!!


Out to improve our relationship with the Netherlands

Vincent Storimans, Deputy Representative of the Netherlands in Aruba, is the head of mission at VNO, representing the Dutch kingdom on the island.

It’s a big job.

A lawyer by profession, he came here from San Francisco, where her worked at the embassy and prior to that as a professional diplomat he lived and worked in Moscow, Beijing, and Washington DC. On Aruba he replaced David Abrahams, who lived here for a number of years, and returned to the Netherlands, to continue working for the Dutch government, where he reports he hears little about the island, in his new position as department-head in the ministry of the interior.

Storimans arrived here five or six months ago – he was officially welcomed at a cocktail reception, in May.  This week, he hosted a small gathering over cocktails and tapas inviting local press members to also mingle with his colleagues at Amante Tapas, off Wilhelminastraat. Determined to get to know his guests, he declares he intends to have an ongoing, open dialogue with the media.

While his work in the USA often involved working with Dutch companies, various startups and in general economic pursuits in the private sector, his work in Aruba will also focus on strengthening the relationship between the two countries, and increase collaboration between the kingdom and the island. Her strives to share the Netherland’s vast business and technological know-how and experience, with islanders. He would also like to be instrumental in encouraging Dutch companies to set up businesses and invest in Aruba.

While he acknowledged that the road is at times bumpy, the two countries are important and valuable to each other, and he is committed to working hard and achieving positive results. He invited all islanders to join the partnership and work towards its mutual success.


Tourism Security Patrol Aruba, TSPA

The Aruba Hospitality and Security Foundation, AH&SF, reported it is launching the Tourism Security Patrol Aruba, TSPA, on December 18th, 2023

The AH&SF was founded by AHATA in 2001 to support safety and security in the tourism zone. At the time AHATA was a marketing organization and received all the funds derived from tourist room taxes. It could afford to hire and equip a team of security professionals.

Later on when the Aruba Tourism Authority morphed into a semi-public Sui Generis, and became the recipient of the funds, AHATA could no longer carry the expense and the job to support safety and security in the tourism zone, went to the men in blue, to the Police, where it lingered for a while, financed by the Aruba Tourism Authority, and run by tourism partners, such as AHATA, ATA, ATSA, ATIA. After a while it was just absorbed into the police force, and that was the end of that.

Now with the help of Chameleon Associates the Tourism Security Patrol Aruba will be revived, designed to increase visibility of law enforcement in the areas of Palm Beach & Eagle Beach. Chameleon Associates helped train private security professionals and continues training the public ones to enhance the safety and security of Aruba’s residents and tourists.

So look forward to additional visibility on electric bicycles, from the Ritz Carlson to Embassy Suites and from Amsterdam Manor to Dutch Village from 7:30am to 11pm, on the beach and the adjacent walkways.

They have an attractive logo – a stylized bird, or a stylized eye, both fit the organization’s charter. The uniforms are friendly, in two-tone blue. They are equipped with helmets, body cams, flashlights, smart phones, and an electronic tracking system. No firearms, no bulletproof vests, just helpful, and reliable respondents.

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December 13, 2023
Rona Coster