Thoughts about FASE

It is the topic of the hour, and the minister is shooting out press releases and charts at a record rate trying to explain, direct and redirect.  

From a reader: Not everyone that applied for FASE got it, even if they have met all the requirements set to register. People are still being ping-ponged between government offices, contractors and private enterprises, between promises of wage-subsidies and FASE that at the end of the day never arrive either because of bureaucracy, bad management, miscommunication or simply because you, the individual, are not party affiliated or because our laws regarding social services focus primarily on the family unit and not on the individual.

As you all know, the populist minister of labor made FASE up as he went along, his own idea, and his own execution.

He assembled a small team and set out to administer a nightmare, instead of relegating the task to the experienced social security bank, he wanted to do it himself.

Lucky for us, and parallel to that, the Wage Subsidy was set up and it is running pretty well, thanks to the SVb structure, according to the letter of the law. The SVb leader keeps his focus, he came to SVb from parliament, so he knows the pit falls.

Not that SVb is perfect, some of my girlfriends are already on kid #2 and SVb still hasn’t compensated their employer for the time they were out with #1.

But, SVb knows how and when to use outside assistance and when not. Which is very important, to know where to look for help, while FASE seems to suffer from mismanagement, adhocracy, and systematic malfunction.

The main reason seems to be, sad to say, a small family team running the show.

So there was no change.

This should have been “a national concern,” we should have gotten the best people/institutions to make it happen, instead, we improvised.

But since FASE is now 2.5 half months invested, it will be a tough tell them to let go and take it up to the next level.

Serious money, thanks to the Dutch kingdom:

FASE distributed more that 11M since between April 29th and June 8th. The process involves the FASE team, SVb, DAS and Directie Financien, so basically the FASE layer was ADDED, and the process became longer.

Total registered 13,093, total in evaluation 1,342, total doubles or triplicate, yes, fraud is an issue, 1,932, total incomplete applications 1,851, about to receive pay 642.

Among independent contractors, a special category for solo flyers, ZZP, registered 2,955, double registration 858, total correct registration 2,097, total qualified companies 670, received payment 357, incomplete applications 1,460, about to receive pay 313.



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June 13, 2020
Rona Coster