This was written yesterday, before GOA flushed itself down the toilet!

MinTvs Needs Vacation, MinPres Reveals her Political Fire

MinTvs has been exceptionally impatient, treating the universe with disdain, looking down at humanity from his high horse.

He recently patronized a female journalist, answering questions condescendingly.

Is that a new norm of good governance?

In Parliament he forcefully put Parliamentarian Ricardo Croes in his place. The later deserved it, still, GOA must answer to Parliament and MinTvs should check his short-temper at the door.

I can understand that the credit he takes for getting us all vaccinated got to his head a bit, nothing that a cozy family vacation in Orlando cannot fix.

MinPres visited parliament on Monday for a session I totally enjoyed.

Nothing boring, nothing stiff.

She lectured a certain retired, occasionally overactive, green politician for his latest irresponsible conduct, contrasting the image of him drinking Ensure, crying in protest, in the shade of a tree with the courage it takes to put on her jacket and get on an airplane to Europe, to negotiate face to face with the Dutch.

(I believe this was a pivotal moment, in which she realized the job of fixing us is too big, better throw in the towel.)

That was the part I enjoy most. Our even-tempered MinPres raised her voice a few notches, and let the egoistic opposition have it.

She told about long, ongoing negotiations for more vaccines, and she described the former politician who abandoned 8,000 voters, by refusing to become a parliamentarian, as lacking vision, dedication and love, a man who failed to protect the vulnerable and infirm in our community.

She also let parliamentarian Ricardo Croes have it. Challenging him to grow up, mature and get vaccinated because that is our only hope to jump-start economic recovery and get our tourism back.

Poor Allan Howell chairing the meeting, he had to ask everyone to cool down, and act decently, netjes.

Alas, his vocabulary is limited and by his relaxed demeanor, he didn’t know what was coming.

To conclude, MinPres thanked front-liners and the Police for their sacrifices and diligence and remarked it must be hard to drive to work every day, to the hospital, to the Covid19 ward and the ICU, passing packed beaches, bars and parking lots, filled with locals with zero social distancing on their minds.

Then all hell broke loose.


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March 31, 2021
Rona Coster