This is what I wrote yesterday afternoon, expect changes…

A note from a friend said: “I am also pleased with the outcome … It’s time for moderate corruption.”

The people’s vote  on Friday, September 22nd, 2017, indicated that it’s time to go slower, do less, spend less, introduce moderation and close the gap between common-sense and high-flying concepts, reality and fantasy.

And my older, cynical and sober friend insist that this election was about  replacing conspicuous corruption with moderate corruption, because they remember previous MEP governments also plagued with rampant nepotism and favoritism.

Only now, the MEP government will hopefully remember that this kind of behavior loses elections.

Our prayer for them: If you get into government, please don’t spend your next four years in political persecution, eradicating every shred of evidence that there once was an AVP government. Some of the AVP programs are worth saving. Please be smart, take inventory, make a list of unfinished project, re-assess cost, prioritize. Don’t toss the baby out with his bath water. No purges, no vendettas. Just rejoice in the opportunity you got, to serve your country #sinmiedo, and show’em how it’s done!


But things just got complicated yesterday afternoon, when the former MinPress recuperated from his emotional trance – with the help of Ensure and OxyPlus – and got back in the race. This morning Awemainta demanded an AVP & MEP coalition.  So things just got considerably MORE complicated.

Good luck to our esteemed Governor, trying to figure things out.

General commentary:

And the winner is: Ricardo Croes. He was the defiant, anti-establishment vote, the underdog, and he was chosen by a record 3,359 votes; 2,939 more than the last race in 2013, that didn’t get him anywhere. My friends explain that Ricardo will now sit in Parliament, and pester everyone: What is this budget line for? How much did you pay for that? What do you need this for? And make everyone’s life miserable. Ricardo, we rely on you to rock the boat, become our watchdog.

A dead myth: It was a well known fact, that Otmar Oduber had a large loyal base of fans and supporters, nurtured over years, during many Carnival parades. They are with him, we were told, rain or shine. I guess they’re not. Otmar Oduber is 2,200 votes lighter. All that fighting, and all those convictions, resulted in humble pie. Obviously, he is a valuable mover and shaker, and I hope he pays attention now and funnel his energy into new directions, we can live with.

His two other party partners, Marisol Tromp and Andin Bikker, I voted for both, in different years, on different platforms, lost their footing by joining forces as POR. They might still be part of the new government and might remain players, but that will be due to coalition talks, NOT thanks to voters’ trust.  Marisol with a mere 497 votes, down from 4,708 in 2001, and Andin with 1,086 votes, down from 3,047, are also valuable players,  and I hope they pays attention now and funnel their energy into new directions, we can live with.

The Winners: The MEP vote-getters performed well. But the results indicate we might expect a power struggles at the top of that party, with three inner-circle members feuding for control. Congratulation, to the leader of the party, Evelyn Croes, obtaining the support of 3,508 voters, followed by Glenbert Croes, 2,491, and Dangui Oduber, 2,399. He made an impressive showing.  Xiomara Ruiz exceeded expectations with 2,696.  The party’s newcomers campaigned impressively, they were Rocco Tjon, fresh in the race with 1,213, and #29, Dr. Arthur Vallejo, he should be pleased with his 972 votes.

Our Leader Maximo: Our former MinPres is still a popular man with 7,822 votes, having lost just 400 followers, since 2013. I can see his charm, he hugs, he kisses, he pats, he is tireless, huffing and puffing, and he talks a good talk. Best of all, he is not corrupt. He did not get rich; I think. He did not enrich his family members and friends. But he did allow his ministers to run away with the country. And as we know, he’s afraid to take decisions, afraid to piss anyone off.  So while it’s the Eman family party, this people-pleaser has got to go. Make room for new leadership, refresh the politbureau . He said he would retire, then changed his mind, “The people made me do it,” withdraw his decision to hang his apron up.

Big loser & Small loser: Benny Sevinger, what a dreaded name, a synonym for nepotism, favoritism, and broken regular government channels. Everything became a favor under his leadership, resulting in complete breakdown of systems in the land department and at Dimas. He lost 1,147 votes, 30% of his followers. I guess you cannot buy everyone. Mike de Meza, lost just 67 votes, but if you think about his ROI, you realize how pathetic his performance was, in spite of all the money spent on the opening party of the refinery, the fireworks, the soup on his birthday, the refinery contracts, and the money paid to Antonio Gario for having a big mouth. Incidentally, I noticed, overnight, Gario is already playing footsie with MEP personalities.

The underdog: RAIZ, a new party made a debut, and enjoyed the endorsement of an older crowd, that did not want to give its support to the ‘potheads’ within RED. It was a protest vote, and the party garnered 2,107 votes, just short of a parliament seat, but nevertheless, it was an interesting option for voters.

Curpa, a god-fearing party with a total of 468 votes and MAS with 287, should revamp their platforms. Please don’t go out of business, just see if you can inject more energy and excitement into your narrative.

The political heir o the throne: Richard Arends, he garnered 1,390 in his first race. He’s a good, educated guy, I hope he cuts his teeth in the opposition benches, and grows to fulfill the promise he shows.



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September 25, 2017
Rona Coster