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Looking for Post-Elections Blue, best remedy?

The Sunset Concierge Private Dinner Experience.

If you are afraid of waking up Saturday morning with an empty feeling, like your life has no more purpose, the conflict was decided, the world has not come to an end, we survived the elections, and we’re still standing.

You are not alone. The entire island is experiencing a mental low after an incredible three-month high.

From the official dissolution of the coalition government at the end of March and the call for early elections on June 25th, we subsisted on sensationalism, dug up dirt, political mudslinging, borderline defamatory stories, oftentimes inflammatory open accusations and a bonanza of hushed rumors.

But it’s over, we went to the polls, we said our piece, the politically charged atmosphere subsided, the ban on alcohol lifted.

My elections experience was flawless, veni, vidi, vici, I came, I saw, I filled in a red dot.

They only called out my last name and a 4-digit number, I took off my mask for a second!

Congratulations to all those laboring behind the scene, determined to orchestrate flawless events!

So now, what?

We recently took to the beach to experience the Sunset Concierge Private Dinner Experience at the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino, and I think it is the ultimate fix for the stressed and the weary, weighed down by post-elections blues.

The Sunset Concierge is a scenic culinary adventure for locals and visitors who wish to experience innovative, artisanal private dining, topped by our famous technicolor Aruban sunset.

You may have your dinner on the bridge across the lazy river, or at the edge of the water. Patrons may select from locations throughout the resort and across Aruba, personalizing their sunset ritual and creating their own signature memories.

We did not re-invent the wheel, the breathtaking beach was a fantastic-enough choice.

We met at 6pm for a sparkling sunset over bottomless flutes of bubbly then were seated at perfectly square, elegantly set white tables, toes in the sand.

I sweated over the choice of appetizers, wondering what to pick: Antipasto grilled vegetables with an aromatic vinaigrette? Yummy crudité platter with a mix of crisp veggies, creamy dressing? The choices included marinated Mozzarella-tomato-basil Caprese skewers, shrimp cocktail with a tangy sauce, and spicy fresh fish ceviche, all accompanied by the Sunset Grill’s famed bread basket with mini Jalapeno brioche buns, butter and olive tapenade.

We sampled a few appetizers, family style, sipped a bit of wine. I would have been happy to stop eight there, but no, the experience continued.

The main course presented an even tougher choice: Little Buddha Vegetables and Crispy Tofu, Grilled Beef and Shrimp Kebabs, Seared Scallops and Shrimp on a bed of Risotto, Beef Bourguignon Casserole, Sweet Panang Chicken Curry and Panko Crusted Grouper.

How can we call it a day without dessert? An elegant trio of mini Chocolate Layer Cake, mini Cheesecake Bomb and a luscious Crème Brulee, in a tiny china skillet.

Post Elections Blues? Chase those away immediately and celebrate another day in paradise, pampered by a personal Sunset Concierge who will be at your service throughout the entire experience.

So, make your reservation by emailing [email protected] or visit the Hilton’s Lobby Concierge Desk, 24-hour advance reservation required, but e-mail them, now.

Our group was hosted by Jennifer Bolstad, Director of Commercial Services and PR & Marketing divas Melissa Michaane and Jessica Valbuena. General Manager Vasco Baselli, came by to check on our ranking on the happiness index. It was very high.

Thank you Jessica for the fun Trivial Pursuit game on Kahoot, I was the second place winner.

With a legacy dating back to 1959, you bet you’re gonna have a good time at the Hilton!


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June 25, 2021
Rona Coster