This badass motherfuckery’s got to stop!

The story about 60 foreign, so called undocumented workers picked up by the Immigration Police at CITGO man camp boiled my blood for various reasons.

Work – If there is work to be done it must be granted to locals. RDA just fired hundreds of locals this week under their slowdown fabrication and was keeping its foreign nationals, locked up in a man camp working around the clock? What is this? Modern day slavery?!

Human Trafficking – Luring foreign workers to Aruba with promises of security and work, then providing NONE, must punishable by law.

Human Rights – Carting foreign workers away in a so called “Dog Catcher,” is in violation of their human rights and dignity – that dog catcher phrase is so disrespectful and wrong.

Raid – Who arranged for the surprise raid of the Immigration Police? How did they just walk in and pick everyone up?

Permits – Where the workers under permit, or indeed undocumented? Were these men imported by a legal contractor, who managed to process their permits, or what it a case of ministerial “Don’ worry, I will fix it for you.”

I asked the questions around, for two days I was seeking answers, I quizzed many people including the CHIEF OF POLICE and he claimed to have no knowledge of the hot potato, he was preoccupied with other matters, he said, and was unfamiliar with the case. Really?

No one wants to own the mess, BUT we believe in our legal system, and the truth will reveal itself, as the case in now under investigation.

ONE THING IS CLEAR: The resorts and all other legit businesses, are incapable of securing any permits from DIMAS, that government agency is chronically constipated, it doesn’t function. Everything is stuck in the pipeline. No one takes decisions. I understand they are 5,000 files in arrear, and UNLESS you grease the hand of a middle man, nothing gives.

This story of sixty undocumented refinery workers will surely lead to a well-connected “employment agency.” Follow the money trail. We’ve had cases like that before, with Turkish nationals. Who remembers?

Whoever imported these poor and hopeful workers was well connected to the former government, with TWO ministers involved, MinLabor and MinJust, as you need both to procure work permits. We know who they were, and the allegations of making the sale of work permits into a business already brought down the former MinLabour, and cost the AVP party the elections.

I am hopeful this practice will be killed, following the investigation of our new MinJust.

This badass motherfuckery’s got to stop!


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February 28, 2018
Rona Coster