Third Quarter Awards at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino Recognize Excellence

Associates and management at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino recently came together to recognize their peers who performed outstandingly during the third quarter of 2016.

The event singled out three top-achievers, Corazon Alingcomot, of the Security Department for July, Marina Stamper of Food & Beverage for August, and Isidro Valdez, also of the Food & Beverage Department, for September.

Management also applauded Evens Bastien of the Kitchen and Catherine Martinez of Activities for their exceptional efforts during the month of July, Raymond Koolman of the Health Club and Cristobal Juri of Housekeeping for the month of August, and Nixon Castillo, Activities, and Patricia Bernabela, Housekeeping, for September.

The appreciation ceremony also acknowledged the achievements of resort supervisors Damian Tromp, Pool and Beach Department, and Stanley Pieterz, Security, bestowing top honors on Adriana Tromp, Housekeeping, who was named Supervisor of the Third Quarter of 2016.

As is the custom at the quarterly ceremony, nominees for the team of the Third Quarter 2016 were announced, with the Safety Team beating out the Health Club Team to win the ultimate recognition.

Pictured here are some happy moments from the awards ceremony.

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December 18, 2016
Rona Coster