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I just tested positive for two Corona yesterday, says one of my friends, as in beer.

Apparently 38% of American wouldn’t buy Corona Beer under any circumstance, because of the coronavirus, according to a recent study.

We can laugh.

But the World Health Organization increased its risk assessment to very high, Pandemic? Not quite.

A notch below.

Closings, cancellations, and delays are all we get.

The WHO is covering its derriere, of course. Remember what it did to travel with the Zika virus, but we cannot take the responsibility to ignore them.

So the world does its best to curtail the spread of Convid-19, by taking drastic measures.

ITB cancelled in Berlin. One of the biggest travel fair.

The Olympics in Japan are in question.

Airlines, governments and destinations are reacting with travel bans which spread to over 50 countries, with closings of land and sea borders.

In Aruba the Department of Public Health and the Crisis Management Office, RBA, are gearing up with standards and procedures, what to do in case a patient is identified, because it is our responsibility to be prepared.

I understand RBA is responsive.

Jamaica jumped right in, so this is an interesting read

They said …”visitors will be subject to immediate screening by the Department of Public Health, and the same will decide if these passengers/crew will be quarantined or isolated”

If visitors originate from countries where the virus has been over-active.

The countries so far added for travel restrictions: Italy (322 cases, 11 deaths); South Korea/Republic of Korea (1,261 cases, 12 deaths); Singapore (91 cases, no deaths); and Iran (95 cases; 15 deaths), and more added to the list if needed.

Will Aruba do the same?

For any questions regarding COVID-19, please contact Infectious Disease Services tel.: 522 4224 / 522 4236 / 522 4237 / 522 4261 / 522 4264 or the Department of Epidemiology and Investigations Tel.: 522 4285.

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February 29, 2020
Rona Coster