The Westin hosts an enchanting evening under the stars


A group of meeting planners from North American were guests of the Westin Aruba Resort for a toes in the sand family style dinner, under the stars.

Hosted by Richard Roy, General Manager,  Ramiro Rafael of the Food & Beverage department, and Patrick Donovan of Sales & Marketing, the special menu put together by Executive Chef Gerard Coste and Executive Sous Chef Oswaldo Molina, consisted of Cunucu fresh tuna salad, lobster in avocado with hot Madame Jeanette mayonnaise, mixed greens with papaya relish and ginger dressing followed by Caribbean seafood chowder and as main courses Aruban cucumber stew with pork, keshi yena, a famous island delicacy, black Angus tenderloin wrapped in bacon, macadamia nut crusted grouper served on funchi with plantain and coconut shrimp followed by chocolate fondue, ile flotante, cocada, white truffles and chocolate mouse cappuccino, to steel band music, in a torch lit ambiance.

Pictured here, the culinary duo, Oswaldo & Gerard.

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June 07, 2009
Rona Coster