The vetting process of our future ministers, for the new government, in ongoing.

On August 30th, there was a bunch of loud criticism on the way the portfolios were divided. Most critics said that MEP retained all power, and centralized control, and as a result RAIZ will never be successful, as a coalition partner.

Nature should go with Infrastructure and Territorial Planning, while Elderly Care cannot be separated from Public Health and Social Affairs, said the critics.

Just as a reminder, MEP & RAIZ, publicized their plan to share the workload, revealing the pairing of portfolios assigned to each party, after the June 25th election. Our two party coalition government, is set to include 6 MEP ministers, and 2 by RAIZ, for a total of 8. Same as the previous round.

There are rumors now that MEP will be adding another ministry, because their parliamentarians are living to be rewarded by a seat, but as published by the media, each additional ministerial post means millions of added expenses to the budget, and while campaigning, politicians promised to economize.

The list of names proposed for the ministries, will be advised, post-vetting. They all have to undergo a hopefully thorough inspection. We hear Dangui Oduber is facing challenges in his vetting process, and is considering his options. Going independent? Accepting the Public Health Portfolio? Giving up prestigious Tourism?

Some of my friends’ commented: I will not judge it yet. Because one could argue the opposite. That elderly care is not “just a health issue,” and not just a social issue. And Nature and its protection, should not be part of Infrastructure and Development. RAIZ is taking responsibility of issues that need attention, such as the UTV problem, Bubali Plas water treatment plant, etc.

Don’t judge prematurely.

The question isn’t where they will fail, but whether the ministers in charge will actually do what needs to be done.

RAIZ volunteered to undertake waste management, including liquid waste, Arubus, the proliferation of the UTV/ATV, the chase of winning Technology, Sustainability, Integrity, all BIG challenges.

The question is: Do they have the mettle to get it done right?

How burning is their desire to do good for their country.

We could say that all ministries are inter-dependent, and rely on each other in one way or another. The success of RAIZ in tackling issues will be their ability to reach consensus with the frozen in time, MEP career-politicians, and their strategy in handling the Council of Ministers and Parliament.

They are walking into a massive shit show with liquid waste, with 35 years of criminal neglect. The UTV metastasis that should never have been allowed to spread, and the general unbridled exploitation of public resources.

My girlfriends decided to wait for proof prior to rendering a verdict. We must have an open mind to new possibilities, they say, the traditional way did not render results, and many areas of concern did not get the needed attention, perhaps now they will.

So, let’s see. If RAIZ handles it well, they should, and can, use their leverage.

They were very present during the 100+ meetings with stakeholders and learned a lot already.

This is a historic moment politically, Premier Evelyn Wever Croes, seems to be putting all the warring factions in her party in their place, especially the Oduber clan. She used her momentum and is firmly in charge now.

Here is what we know:

Premier Wever-Croes will remain in charge of: General Affairs, Innovation, Government Organization, Infrastructure and Territorial Planification.

Added value portfolio: Tourism & Energy.

Finance & Culture: This will be assigned to Xiomara Ruiz Maduro.

Justice & Social Affair:

Labor & Integration: Rumored to be assigned to Glenbert Croes

Public Health:

Education & Sport:

RAIZ, 2 ministers:

Economic Affairs, Communication & Sustainable Development,

Integrity, Nature, Transport & Elderly Care,

Added value Portfolios: Agriculture, Animal Husbandry & Fishing, Waste Management


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September 03, 2021
Rona Coster