The time is NOW

What a charade. Pure embarrassment. The mules in parliament threw a fit yesterday rejecting the Dutch aid plan. Not all of them, but enough and across the aisles, to slow things down, again.

MinJust pouted about a non-negotiable clause in the agreement whereby the special investigative team, RST, falls under the ministry and NOT under the minister. He did not like it one bit.

Which part of non-negotiable don’t you understand.

The Dutch want to be able to scrutinize KPA, find irregularities, and roll some heads.

I heard it in the MinJust’s voice, the fear of being vulnerable and subject to inquiry, the distaste for examination.   

Other mules indicated their displeasure too, inconsiderate of the effect their hee-haw, whinnying has on the community.

Rocco Tjong – broadcasting self-righteous demagogy.

Hendrik Tevreden – Just spewing hollow words.  

Aruba has been under financial supervision for years, only now the Dutch are cracking the whip, no more stealing, no more cutting corners, and they all smell it coming. Doing their best to delay.

One of my outspoken FB friends posted:

Tanten cu nos ta keda colga na palabranan cu ya caba pa decadanan no tin contenido mas, envez di enfoca riba loke ta na beneficio real di nos comunidad nos isla no ta bay logra bay dilanti NUNCA. Ta tristo pa mira hende coba mama di esun cu kier sake for di su problema y alaba esun cu ta cobando su graf. Di berdad nos ta ignorante y compleha asina? Pober Aruba

In a nutshell, he regrets sticking to old, by now obsolete, empty, concepts – the holy ‘autonomy’ — he laments the lack of thought about the good of the country, and the benefits to community, he regrets the disrespect towards those who want to pull us out of trouble and the praising of those who are digging our grave, poor Aruba… sort of, this is a very loose translation but you understand that white is black and black is white.

The adoring Betico Croes fans of the MEP party don’t get it.

And the MinPres is to blame too for being too diplomatic, too sweet.

At a certain point you need to put your foot down, stop pussyfooting, placating the dinosaurs, tell them the truth, no more time, no room for negotiations, wake up and smell the coffee, do what’s right, stop padding your pockets, it’s not about you, it is about the people of this island, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but NOW.

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August 14, 2020
Rona Coster