The story of Curasonchi or Hearty also known as Kurasonchi or Corazoncito and Hartje

Hearty decided one day he’s had enough with all that pumping and beating, and feeling unloved, he set out to explore what he’d rather be. A nose, an eye?

The journey of Curasonchi, as told by musician Levi Silvanie and poet Rosabelle Illes is now encapsulated in a charming coffee-table book, illustrated richly and magnificently by Jowy Maasdamme.

Yesterday at the Seaport Marketplace the press received a preview at the Curasonchi dedicated popup store.

The grand opening and reveal will take place Saturday, and with the help of multi-talented builder Robert Tromp part of Hearty’s adventures will be reenacted inside the store, so kids could experience his feelings and thoughts. They will even be able to buy a heart-shaped souvenir stuffed toy, Curasonchi, in bright red, in different sizes.

Naturally, at the end of his journey, when he checks out the role of the feet, hands, and mouth, Hearty discovers the importance of his own purpose, enabling all functions, and goes back to pumping and beating, content and grateful, having taught kids about various body parts and about loving acceptance of who we are and what we do.

The book is uniquely written in 5 languages, yes, five versions in one, Papiamento from Aruba, Papiamentu from Curacao, English, Spanish and Dutch.

It was beautifully printed and bound in Colombia and looks fantastic thanks to the contribution of UNOCA, our cultural fund, Aruba Tourism Authority, linguist Ramon Todd Dandare, CMB Bank, Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, & Tratoria Faro Blanco.

The story idea popped into Levi Silvanie’s head eight years ago. He wanted to create an interactive event weaving words and music, with Rosabelle Illes. She came on board, and when they settled on a book idea, she became co-author. They also wanted to do music videos, but that would perhaps come later. First the book, then we’ll see.

Nice inter-island, man and woman collaboration, and already unique just by virtue of its talented creators. #curasonchi

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October 19, 2018
Rona Coster